4 App Options Like Uber for Towing and Roadside Assistance

Key Takeaways:

      • A roadside assistance app like Uber can help towing companies gain more business

      • More and more companies are springing up offering this technology

      • These Uber for towing apps aren’t as customer friendly as the Uber taxi model

      • Some limitations include extra responsibility placed on the customer and limited operational area

    They’re right when they say there’s an app for everything these days. One of the world’s favorite apps is Uber, the super-handy taxi-like service available in over 10,000 cities to get you where you need to go. People love Uber because it provides what is typically a quick and convenient “A to B” solution.

    Uber is great if all you need is a trip to the grocery store or to reach the airport in time. Uber can’t help you much, however, if you run into auto trouble and require repairs or a tow to the nearest mechanic. Enterprising app builders have noticed this gap in the market and have started designing products to fill it.

    An Uber for towing, though? The options are out there – here are some of their features and why they’ve got work to do.

    This has led to the interesting concept of towing and roadside assistance companies combining their traditional services with an Uber-like app. Mixing these together has created what’s effectively (but not officially) an Uber for tow trucks. 

    Here’s our guide to what those options are, how they work, and why the companies who use them aren’t always the best option to help you and your vehicle.

    How an Uber for Towing App Works

    You already know most of this if you’ve ever ordered standard Uber services. Here are the basics of how it works if you haven’t: The Uber-like app has the customer send a request for assistance to whichever roadside company has the app installed. They then dispatch someone to take care of the problem.

    That sounds like the perfect system, right? There’s a bit more to it, and the system has flaws, which are covered later in this blog. Let’s learn more about how a roadside assistance app like Uber works and look at some of the companies offering this solution:

    – They Allow Geo-Tracking

    Nowadays, the towing industry has been revolutionized by mobile applications that have been dubbed Uber for towing. These apps provide real-time information about a tow truck’s location, enabling customers to know how close the truck is and allowing companies to manage their fleets more effectively. 

    This valuable feature provides peace of mind for customers and enables companies to offer more accurate service predictions.

    Moreover, these apps offer a range of other features such as estimating an arrival time, sharing driver details, or providing updates on the job’s progress. Customers can also rate their experience and provide feedback, helping the company improve its services continually.

    Overall, the use of “Uber for towing” apps has transformed the industry by providing convenient and transparent ways for customers to access towing services. It has also allowed companies to become more efficient and productive, which has improved their business operations and, most importantly, ensured customer satisfaction.

    -They’re Multi-Platform and Cloud Based

    These apps are designed to be user-friendly and accessible on all devices. They run on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, ensuring compatibility with the majority of mobile phones.

    Moreover, the use of cloud support technology is becoming increasingly popular among towing companies. By utilizing cloud support, the roadside company’s operating data and customer information are securely backed up and accessible from anywhere, providing added flexibility and convenience. 

    This secure system also ensures that important data is never lost, even in the event of a system failure or other issues.

    These technological advances have made the towing industry more efficient, safe, and reliable, ensuring a better customer experience overall.

    -They’re One Size Fits All

    These Uber-like apps are highly customizable, allowing towing companies to purchase them and customize them with their name, logo, and pricing. 

    Companies also have the ability to customize other features such as language to suit their operating area and toggle other features like call anonymity and work history on and off according to their needs.

    Essentially, these apps serve as blank canvases, which can be customized and tailored to each towing company’s preference. This high level of flexibility allows towing companies to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market and provide a unique customer experience.

    The ease of customization along with the flexibility provided by these apps has allowed towing companies to modernize their operations, streamline their services, and ultimately provide better customer service.

    -They Can Provide Towing Teams with Greater Regional Awareness

    The olden days of towing (in other words, just a few years ago) meant the towing team knew their area like the back of their hand. They’d know how many mechanics were local, and not-so-local, and what their skill sets were. Uber-like apps now provide companies with this knowledge at the touch of a button. 

    Some companies in this emerging sector are Eber Taxi (see what they did there?), Uber for X App, SpotnTow, and Appscripp. Read each of those sites and you’ll notice one thing all the apps have in common beyond annoying Uber’s lawyers. They’re all designed to benefit the company that’s buying them significantly more than the customer.

    “This app will expand your operation, net you more business, help you analyze your earnings,” and so on. Any customer-centric roadside company sees this for the glaring flaw it is. Nor is it the only one. 

    Here’s why you shouldn’t be too impressed by the oncoming tide of roadside teams rushing to be like Uber.

    Roadside Assistance App Like Uber vs Geyers Towing

    It’s true that apps like Uber for tow trucks have a place in the future of the towing and roadside service sector. It’s also true that the future isn’t quite here yet! 

    The latest app trends have a long way to go to catch up with the timeless fundamentals of quality service. 

    Here are five reasons Maryland is better served by an established towing and roadside company like Geyers Towing and Recovery:

    1. Adapting to New Technology Takes Time

    There are two possible scenarios when you call a towing or roadside assistance team. The first scenario gets you a company still coming to grips with how their new Uber-like app works while you’re stuck and vulnerable on the side of the road. Their learning curve is your increased waiting time.

    The other scenario is a company that’s a well-oiled machine and already has a proven system in place to get to you as quickly as traffic and Mother Nature allow. It should go without saying that you want that second company on your speed dial.

    2. We’ve Already Had Something Similar in Place for a Long Time

    One hallmark of a leading company is always being ahead of the curve. Other crews are only starting to investigate and adopt a roadside assistance app like Uber to use things like geo-tracking.

    Geyers was already offering towing and transport vehicles that were computer dispatched and fitted with real-time GPS technology!

    3. The Coolest Apps Don’t Mean the Most Competent Service

    People and businesses love apps because they’re quick, easy to download, and generally easy to use. A roadside company with an Uber-like app may be up to date digitally, but that doesn’t mean they make the grade when it comes to showing up and doing the job.

    Snazzy apps are no substitute for things like professional training, full licensing and insurance, and a commitment to treating customers like family. All three and a lot more besides are part of the Geyers Towing and Transport service.

    4. An Uber-Like Focus is Limiting in Practice

    One of the beauties of an Uber-like service is also one of its biggest liabilities when it comes to providing towing or roadside services. We’re referring to the locally focused approach – it’s great if you experience a breakdown or accident within an acceptable distance of a local roadside team. It’s bad if you’re outside of their limited operating area.

    The Geyers team covers a much wider area than most to help people in Frederick County, Montgomery County, and beyond. You’ll also find us zipping up and down the East Coast, providing fast, friendly service in the surrounding Washington Metropolitan Area and Northern Virginia.

    5. Apps Aren’t Always Awesome When You’re Stressed

    Here’s another “which scenario would you prefer” question. You’ve broken down or, worse, you’ve been in an accident. You find a roadside company that uses an app like Uber. 

    You now must navigate that app, describe what’s gone wrong, and choose where you are on a map, all while stressed or scared in potentially dangerous conditions.

    Compare that to making a single phone call that gets connected directly to someone you can talk to. The second option is faster, less complicated, and has a human touch that no app can replace. Our team is standing by to listen to your problem and start resolving it without unnecessary delays.

    We’re thrilled that we were Uber for tow trucks before it became trendy! You’ll be equally happy when you give us a call next time you need towing or roadside assistance.

    Contact Geyers Towing and Recovery for The Best in Road Services

    We’re a company with decades of experience in helping stranded motorists, automotive repair facilities, and the police with handling roadside service and towing situations for vehicles of all sizes. We’re not lying when we say that when the competition breaks down, they call us!

    Our experienced and tech-powered crew is here for you around the clock, 365 days a year, to help with the most minor issues to the most serious troubles. We can fix flat tires and deliver emergency gas (we’ll even pour it ourselves to keep your hands clean) or jumpstart stalled batteries.

    We also provide a tow for even the heaviest vehicles and can help you escape situations like being stuck in mud or snow or trapped in a ditch. The Geyers team is fully insured and registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation unlike a lot of other roadside companies out there. 

    Contact us any time by calling (301) 259-3177, and you can also visit our contact page for a fast and free quote!

    FAQs About Roadside Assistance App Like Uber

    A roadside assistance app for towing is a mobile application that connects drivers in need of towing or roadside assistance services with professional towing providers.

    A roadside assistance app works by allowing drivers to request towing or roadside assistance services through the app. The app then matches the driver’s location and service requirements with nearby available towing providers, who can accept the request and provide the necessary assistance.

    Through a towing app, you can request various services such as emergency towing, flatbed towing, tire changes, jump-starts, lockout assistance, fuel delivery, and winch-outs, among others.

    Yes, most towing apps operate 24/7, allowing drivers to request assistance at any time of the day or night.

    Towing apps usually offer various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or in-app payment systems. You can securely pay for the services through the app.

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