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Our team can transport your vehicles from Maryland to Florida and everywhere in between. We value your trust and never sell your information to third party companies.

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You read that right. We'll come to you and pick your vehicle up. 100% Hassle-free! Alternatively, we have drop-off locations all throughout every state on the east coast. In short, we've got you covered.

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Geyer's Transport transports cars from Maryland to Florida and everywhere in-between.

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Trusted Vehicle Transportation Along The East Coast For Over 20 Years

When you hire Geyers Auto Transport company, you ensure the safety and security of your vehicle.

Your Vehicle is in Good Hands

Our professional staff will make sure that your vehicle will arrive safely at its final destination. With us, your car will arrive in perfect shape because we are highly attentive to quality and care throughout the move.

Competitive Pricing

You save a lot of money when you hire an auto transport company because you don’t have to shell out for fuel costs, tolls and motel expenses. With Geyer’s, we do all of that for you at a great price.

Save Time

Save time by not driving yourself. You have much more important things that need to be done. Let us do the work and take care of your vehicle for you. Let us know where it needs to be picked up from and we’ll take it from there!

A Headache-Free Experience

Moving a vehicle from one place to another is stressful. There’s a lot to think about and plan for to get your vehicle moved. You need to think about logistics, expenses, safety and even the law.

Why Transport Your Vehicle with Geyers Towing?

Your Time and Convenience is Prioritized

Moving a vehicle from one location to another may seem like an easy task. Trust us, it’s not. Moving your own vehicle can be a big risk. For those who need help moving vehicles from one location to another, leave it in the hands of an expert auto transport company. When you hire Geyers towing, you can be confident you and your vehicle will be cared for.


Safe & Reliable Transportation

If you hire just anyone to transport your vehicle, you are increasing the risk of damaging your car. Having your car scratched, dented, stolen and lost are some of things that might happen. Make sure you hire a reliable company to transport your vehicle.

Transportation Convenience

Hiring Geyers Towing for your auto transportation puts your mind at ease because you don’t have to worry about the condition of your car, saving putting miles on it as well! Plus, you can get to your destination another way which gets you there much faster.

safe transportation in geyer's towing

Save Money!

Moving the vehicle on your own costs a lot because you will have to pay for the gas, toll fees and other expenses such as food and accommodation, especially for long drives. You can do away with these hassles if you choose to get a company that will move your car for you. Geyers is that company.

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