4 Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Towing Company

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Know Before You Two: 4 Things To Think About Before Hiring a Towing Service

Tow trucks started their operations in 1916, and they continue to be central and fundamental trucks in the car transport services. With an increase in the number of cars, car towing has increased, and you will not spend more than a day without seeing a vehicle being towed to a garage or an auto shop.

Due to the increasing number of tow truck services, this article describes the factors to consider before choosing a towing company.

1. Emergency Support

In most cases, you will need a car towing company in case of emergencies. Something wrong has happened on the road, and you need it to be solved immediately.

Therefore, the towing services you will be hiring needs to be responsive and willing to respond in emergencies. If a company is not responding to your distress calls, it defeats the reasons as to why you should even consider them for towing services.

2. Services Offered

Don’t assume that all the companies that offer auto transport services do the same things. Most of them specialize in heavy transportation, while others are more focused on roadside assistance.

If you assume that every other company will offer the services that you need, you might be mistaken. You don’t need to call a company that does not provide the services that you need. Always focus on understanding the company’s line of service before hiring them.

3. License and Accreditation

Car towing business is not a business that can be handled by any person. Towed cars must pass on the highway where there are other hundreds of cars moving with speed.

As such, all the truck drivers towing your vehicle must be experienced individuals who have driving licenses and towing accreditation. You don’t want your car to cause further damage to the road users. With experience, your damaged car will be towed to the garage with speed and precision.

4. Costs Involved

Not every person can pay what towing companies will be asking for car towing services. Others must have the option of evaluating different prices before deciding on what is right for them.

Therefore, the towing company must be willing to tell you the cost of towing the car to an auto shop and the cost of towing the car home. With the two options, you will decide what works for you.

These are some of the few factors that you need to put into consideration before hiring a car towing company. Your ideal company should be responsive, have the necessary licenses, and present an affordable quote.

It’s important to note that not every tow company utilizes the same vehicles and towing processes. Here are a few different types of towing equipment:


This apparatus generally picks up the drive wheels of the vehicle and touches only the tires. It was designed by Arthur W. Nelson of Weld Built Body Co. in 1967.

Lift Flatbed

A boom uses a wheel-lift frame to lift the vehicle vertically and loads it onto the truck bed. This style is primarily used in Europe to remove vehicles that are parallel-parked.


This uses a winch to get vehicles out of a ditch, over an embankment, or any place the vehicle cannot safely escape. A towbar with heavy rubberized mats connects the truck and vehicle, so it can be towed on its other axle.


Also called a “snatcher,” “quick pick,” “self loader,” or “repo truck.” This is used in light-duty trucks for the repossession of vehicles, as well as transporting illegally parked vehicles.


The entire back of the tow truck is fitted with a bed that can be hydraulically inclined and slid back to ground level, enabling the vehicle to be placed underneath or pulled on by a winch.

No one wants to deal with a broken down vehicle. But working with a trusted car towing operation can at least minimize those stresses associated with auto issues. If you want to learn more, give Geyers Towing and Transport a call right away!

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