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Nobody wants to run into car troubles! Here at Geyers Towing in Maryland, we understand that it can get grimy, technical, and sometimes intimidating – but don’t fret! We’re here to provide you with useful information and tips via this blog to help you throughout all your towing and transport-related issues.

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Towing scams and how to avoid them

Outsmart Towing Scams: Stay Safe on the Road

Imagine, you’re having a pretty good day until your car decides to give up on the highway. Out of nowhere, like a superhero in disguise, ...
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Tow truck hydraulic system

Tow Truck Hydraulic Systems: Maximizing Efficiency with Revolutionary Technology

Imagine you’re behind the wheel of a heavy-duty tow truck, your palms sweating slightly as you maneuver to attach a broken-down car. The pressure is ...
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u-haul towing hitch

U-Haul Towing Hitch: A Comprehensive Guide for Hauling

You’re packing up your life, ready for that cross-country move you’ve always dreamed of. The last piece of the puzzle is your trusty vehicle and ...
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car parked in front of my house

Handling the Dilemma: A Car Parked in Front of My House

You often feel something unsettling when glancing out your window and think… “oh, why is there a car parked in front of my house.” Your ...
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find my car

Effortless Strategies to “Find My Car” – How To Locate Your Towed Vehicle

Imagine you’re standing in a sprawling parking lot, your pockets empty of car keys and your memory devoid of where you left your ride. Most ...
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illegal towing

Standing Up Against Illegal Towing: A Practical Guide

Ever felt the panic surge as you spot an empty space where your car once stood? It’s a feeling that could rival any horror movie. ...
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Broken windshield

Broken Windshield Woes? The Ultimate Driver’s Guide to Swift Solutions

Discover essential tips on handling a broken windshield, from insurance coverage to selecting the right repair service. Stay road-ready!
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Are tow companies liable for damage?

Are Tow Companies Liable for Damage? A Clear Guide

Uncover if tow companies are liable for damage during towing. Explore types of damages, liability, and claiming compensation.
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junk car towing

Junk Car Towing in Maryland: The Complete Guide

Ever been stuck with a rusty, old clunker in your driveway that’s seen better days? You’re not alone. I remember staring at my own beat-up ...
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safe trailer towing 

Safe Trailer Towing: Your Guide to Secure Journeys

Safe trailer towing isn’t just about getting from point A to B. It’s a blend of knowledge, preparation, and careful execution. The task can seem ...
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heavy machinery towing

Exploring the Ins and Outs of Heavy Machinery Towing

Heavy machinery towing is a challenging yet crucial aspect of the construction and transportation industries. For those already in the know, it’s clear that this ...
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towing a trailer in the snow

Safe Winter Towing: A Guide to Pulling a Trailer in the Snow

Master the art of safe winter towing with our comprehensive guide on pulling a trailer in the snow. Learn essential tips for maintenance, driving and ...
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