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Nobody wants to run into car troubles! Here at Geyers Towing in Maryland, we understand that it can get grimy, technical, and sometimes intimidating – but don’t fret! We’re here to provide you with useful information and tips via this blog to help you throughout all your towing and transport-related issues.

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Fuel level indicator showing fuel running low, ran out of gas on highway.

I Ran Out of Gas on the Highway – The Maryland Guide to Getting Back on the Road

Everyone has been there. Millions of people have run out of gas on the highway and felt the panic and frustration of being stranded. It …

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An RV traveling along mountain roads after finding the best in RV roadside assistance plans.

8 Requirements in an RV Roadside Assistance Plan

Who hasn’t imagined the excitement of packing up their possessions and exploring their home state or farther afield? It’s why 11% of American households own …

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A question mark placed against a stack of coins

Do You Tip for Roadside Assistance and Towing?

Key Takeaways: Millions of motorists every year experience things like flat tires, worn-out batteries, and gas shortages. Some find their vehicles stuck in mud or …

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A man on his phone calling for help for his broken-down car instead of using a roadside assistance app like Uber for towing.

4 App Options Like Uber for Towing and Roadside Assistance

Key Takeaways: They’re right when they say there’s an app for everything these days. One of the world’s favorite apps is Uber, the super-handy taxi-like …

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A broken down semi-truck needing commercial truck roadside assistance.

6 In-Demand Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Services

Key Takeaways: It’s correct to say that nobody ever wants vehicle issues of any kind. It’s also accurate that if a driver had to choose …

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A large stone gray question mark damaging the front of a car, indicating the question, “what is towing and recovery?”

Towing and Recovery – Which Do You Need?

Key Takeaways: You’re in a bad spot on the road. You just want out. Don’t place that rescue call until you understand what service is …

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A motorist calls for free roadside assistance for gas behind a car problems warning sign.

Do Free Roadside Gas and Jumpstart Services Exist?

Key Takeaways: They say the best things in life are free, and it sure feels good being rescued from a tight spot out on the …

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The word “Help!” written into the snow on top of a car.

Who Do You Call When Stuck in Snow in Maryland?

Snow. It’s a thing of beauty and a frequent friend to kids who just don’t want to go to school that morning. It’s not so …

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A young man with locked keys in the car uses a tool to unlock the car door.

Locked Keys in the Car? Follow This Checklist

You probably know how frustrating it can be to get locked out of your car – not only do you have to find a way …

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A graphic of many different towing types and kinds of trucks transporting various vehicles.

How to Choose Between The Different Types of Towing

You’d be forgiven for thinking tow trucks are basic. Load the vehicle or hook it up, and off you go back home or to the …

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A car parked behind a series of increasingly high coin piles

Hey, Einstein! Here’s the Cheapest State to Buy a Car

Did you know that Albert Einstein never learned to drive? It’s true. He was also a beloved mathematician, but his brother Frank was a mad …

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Front view of a very badly damaged car, signifying what happens when your car is totaled.

What Happens When Your Car Is Totaled?

“Totaled.” It’s a slightly unusual way to describe an auto accident. Makes you think of a lot of numbers being added up, right? This is …

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