5 Steps to Safely Have Your Car Towed

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    There are many reasons you might need to have your car towed. You may have suffered a weather-related incident or a T-bone after someone completely blew through a stop sign, for example.

    Maybe you got stuck with a dead engine that couldn’t be fixed with jumper cables and need your vehicle taken to the nearest mechanic. Perhaps a tire fell off or you a tire went flat..

    Whatever the case, your car cannot move itself, and you now must call a tow truck to help you out. You’ll want to make sure that you have it towed safely, however. 

    Not only do you want to keep yourself as safe as possible, you want to protect your vehicle to decrease overall damage to it. This guide will help make sure you have the best chances of getting your wheels where you want them to go as safely and securely as possible.

    1. Make sure you’re physically safe.

    Hazard sign stuck car

    Take the steps to physically protect yourself and other drivers on the road. You should:

        • Pull over as far as possible if you’re on the highway.
          Get your car out of the flow of traffic and make sure other motorists can travel safely around you. You may have to move a damaged vehicle, including one with a flat tire, a short distance to ensure your physical safety and that of your fellow drivers.

        • Use your hazards.
          If your car remains in the road at all, make sure you turn on your hazards and leave them on. Your hazard lights serve as a clear indicator that says something is wrong with your vehicle. Other drivers will be more likely to take note of your car with your hazards flashing.

        • Stay in the car in busy traffic.
          Your car offers some protection against other drivers and their vehicles. If you get stuck by the side of the road, especially on a busy highway, stay in your vehicle until help arrives.

      Tow trucks and  first responders carry special equipment in their vehicles to redirect traffic and keep you and them as safe as possible. You may need to wait for help to arrive before getting out of your car, but calling a local team of professionals will make the process quicker and more seamless. 

      2. Text friends and family to let them know what happened.

      woman texting family about stuck car

      Notify friends or family members about your incident, where you are, and any information you can give about who you called to tow your car while you’re waiting to get towed. You want someone in your network to know where you are so they can find you if needed. 

      This can also ensure that they will check in with you later and make sure that nothing happened to put you in additional danger, that you were able to get your car to a repair shop, and that there were no further issues when your car was towed. 

      3. Notify the towing company about anything that might impact the process.

      You must tell the towing company about any special conditions that could impact you or the process of getting a car towed. In some cases, special circumstances may impact the equipment and vehicle they send out or even change the driver they choose to send to take care of your car. Consider:

          • Did your vehicle get stuck in a dangerous or tight space?

          • Do you have exotic vehicle or a classic car? You may need special towing services that will exercise additional care in towing your vehicle. 

          • Do you have a large vehicle, including a large truck? 

          • Do you need roadside assistance, or actual towing services? This may make a difference in who you call. For example, roadside assistance could quickly patch a flat or place a spare, but a tow will move your vehicle to another location. 

        Discuss any special car needs with the local company during the initial call and give the dispatcher as much information as possible to set your service agent up for success. You want to make sure that they send out the right tow truck, after all. Otherwise you may find yourself stranded in an emergency and looking to find additional aid.

        4. Stay in the vehicle until the expert arrives.

        Wait for the local tow service to get there before you exit the vehicle. Typically, the team member will redirect traffic using cones or flares to make your exit safer. 

        Getting out of your car before help arrives can increase your danger, especially on a busy highway. Of course, if you feel unsafe at your current location, you may have to leave your car and the area and wait for the tow truck driver at another location. 

        5. Take all valuables with you when you exit the vehicle.

        Make sure you don’t leave anything important behind in your car. Remove any needed paperwork, your wallet or purse, and any other items you carry that you may want later in case the process takes longer than you think it might. If you have a large quantity of items to clean out of the car, you may want to call a friend or family member to the site to help you remove them before your car gets towed. 

        Characteristics of a Trustworthy Towing Partner

        auto transport truck in transit to florida geyers company

        Unfortunately, many people do not think about establishing a relationship with a trustworthy towing company until they need one. Fortunately, a quick review of the company’s website can provide you with a better idea of whether it will prove trustworthy. Look for these key elements in your towing expert. 


          How long has the firm been in business? A well-established partner is often extremely trustworthy and has a strong history of working with stranded people and their vehicles.


            What do past satisfied clients have to say about the service?


              Which professional licenses does the towing company hold, and how does it train its driver team?


                How well-maintained are the vehicles? Tow trucks often get dirty, and they frequently see heavy use. They should, however, receive regular maintenance and inspections, including inspections that ensure that they remain Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant. 


                  Can you get in touch with the towing experts? If not, you may want to choose a different company, especially if you’re stranded at the side of the road. The last thing you want is to be on hold forever without a driver on the way to offer you assistance.

                  Choosing a trustworthy towing partner can make all the difference in ensuring you have a safe towing experience. It can also be a game-changer in terms of peace of mind, as you’ll know your car was towed by a professional driver who cares about the results of your interactions with him or her. If you have to get towed, you want it to be by someone who respects your property and wants to offer excellent customer service.

                  Do You Need Your Car Towed?

                  Are you stranded by the side of the road following a breakdown or accident? Do you need a car towed to a new location, whether it’s stuck in your driveway or in a garage? 

                  Contact Geyers Towing today to speak with an expert about any questions you might have about the towing process, including how we tow cars, the types of service you’ll get when working with us, the professionalism of our drivers and roadside assistance experts, and more.

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