Exotic and Luxury Towing From the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area

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    If you own an exotic or luxury car, and you’re headed down to Florida to enjoy the colder months in a warm climate, you probably don’t want to drive your car all the way down. An exotic or luxury towing requires being babied and the mileage kept low. Some exotic and luxury cars are uncomfortable to drive or ride in for long periods of time. 

    So if you’re a snowbird — someone who relocates to warmer sections of the country in the winter months — with a fancy car, you may need to find another way to transport it to your winter hometown. Long-distance, car hauling is an actual service that’s available for just such an occasion. Your car rides on the back of a tow truck or in a car carrier, and it’s attached to one of the large shipping trucks. 

    What Is Luxury a Car Hauling Service? 

    car hauling service is any independent contractor or trucking company that specializes in moving cars from one point to another. These car hauling services can include:

    • Moving cars in railroad cars
    • Moving cars on a ship
    • Transportation on a truck within a local area
    • Over-the-road transportation for a significant distance by truck

    In the United States, there are around 4,500 companies that have some sort of stake in the car hauling industry, and this sector rakes in about $12 billion per year. This particular industry sector has seen steady and continuous growth over the past five years of 12 percent. This trend is expected to continue. 

    Reasons to Hire a Car Hauling Service to Move Your Luxury Vehicle

    If you plan to spend the winter months away from your home state, you have the option of driving your vehicle to your new location or having a car hauling company do it for you. Perhaps, you plan to drive your day-to-day car and bring your luxury vehicle down for special occasions. Here are some reasons to choose a car hauling service.

    Arrive in comfort

    While you love your luxury vehicle, it might not have the room inside to make a long car trip comfortable. With a car hauling service, everyone can ride in the larger family vehicle. Another option is to fly to your destination and let your cars catch up with you. 

    Don’t put extra miles on your car

    Your car is designed to travel a lot of miles; however, the number of miles isn’t infinite. A luxury or exotic car with high mileage on it might lose value when you try to sell it. Each mile you drive your car brings you closer to needed service, such as oil changes and tune-ups. The additional mileage on a car is also reflected in the wear and tear on its tires. 

    Save Time

    From Washington, DC to Miami, Florida, it takes almost 15 hours to drive if you don’t stop to eat, go to the bathroom, or refill your gas tank. You’ll probably need to stop somewhere and spend the night if you drive. You can save a lot of time by flying to your destination and letting someone else worry about getting your car to you. 

    Reduce Your Stress

    Even if you aren’t driving as far south as Miami, a car trip can be very stressful. You run into traffic or someone has an accident, and you end up sitting for hours waiting for it to clear. Other drivers cut you off. If you’re traveling with someone else, then the hours spent in the car can be even more stressful. 

    Arrive feeling refreshed

    In addition to stress, driving is actually a lot of work. You need to stay diligent at all times, and you spend hours seated in one position. With a luxury car that’s a sports car, space is even more limited leaving you cramped for hours. In less than three hours, you can arrive at your destination and walk off the plane feeling refreshed. 

    Reasons to Use a Low-Bed Air-Ride Towing for Exotic Vehicles 

    geyers auto transport truck in transit to florida
    A car has been loaded onto a tow truck and is being secured.

    Now that you’ve decided to use a car hauling service to move your exotic or luxury car from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area down to Florida, you might consider opting for a low-bed, air-ride towing option. There are some additional benefits to this service to make it worth the additional expense, and here are some things to consider.

    Extra Safety During the Loading Process

    When you choose a low-bed, air-ride towing option to get your luxury vehicle to Florida, it’s better protected from damage during the loading and unloading process. The truck beds of these vehicles sit much lower than a traditional truck, making it easier for your low-clearance luxury vehicle to drive up the ramp without damage to the undercarriage. It also protects ground effects, rocker panels, exhaust systems, and anything else that sits low to the ground. 

    Drivers With Extensive Experience

    Car hauling services understand that if you’re willing to pay for the additional service, they must go out of their way to take the best care possible of your luxury vehicle. For this reason, they only allow drivers with the most experience and cleanest driving records to move these tow trucks.

    Extra Protection Against Damage

    Your luxury and exotic vehicle gets extra protection on alow-bed, air-ride tow truck. In most cases, the cars are loaded and secured with soft nylon straps to ensure there isn’t any damage to your paint job or any of the bodywork. These trucks don’t have metal chains or other types of tie-downs that might harm your exotic car. 


    At Geyers Towing and Recovery, we take great pride in getting your luxury or exotic car to its final location in pristine condition. When you’re ready for your trip, drop your car off at the Geyer’s in Germantown, King Buick in Gaithersburg, or the Green Spring Shopping Center in Baltimore. Once you get down to Florida, pick your sweet ride up at the Kauff’s in St. Lucy, West Palm Beach, or Miami, or Swad Auto Transporters in Ft. Lauderdale. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. 

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