Geyers Towing’s Guide to Towing Your Car to Your Mechanic

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    There are two main scenarios when you are in need of towing your car to your mechanic: either you break down while traveling or encounter a major issue with your car before or after traveling. While it’s easier to prepare your car for towing during the second scenario, this guide covers what you should do when preparing your car for towing to your mechanic in any situation. 

    An unexpected breakdown can ruin your day, and getting your car to your mechanic can be an even bigger burden. However, a professional towing company can provide hassle-free towing to your mechanic to get you back on the road faster. When you need a towing service in Frederick, Mount Airy, Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas, trust Geyers Towing for quality towing and emergency roadside assistance in any scenario. 

    How to Know When It’s Time for a Tow

    The first step is to know some of the signs of when you need to have your vehicle towed. The most obvious signs that you need a tow is when your vehicle stops running, you are in an accident, or you have a flat tire. However, it is important to be familiar with some warning signs that something is wrong, and when you should opt for towing your vehicle to your mechanic. This post about being prepared for a tow will help you decide when it’s time for a tow or when you can wait or when it’s safe to drive yourself to your mechanic. 

    Choosing a Towing Company 

    When it is time for towing your vehicle to your mechanic, you will need to choose a towing company that you can count on. One with a good reputation. First, check with your insurance or roadside assistance program before contracting a towing company. This ensures whether your policy covers any towing costs, as many insurance companies or roadside assistance programs only work with certain companies.

    Therefore, if you choose a company that is not on their approved list, you will be responsible for the full towing bill. If your insurance does not cover towing costs, you will want to ask the towing company for an estimate of the costs before they send out a truck to pick up your vehicle. This will ensure there are no surprise costs later on. When needing a tow in the Maryland, DC, and Northern VA areas, the professional team at Geyers Towing is available 24/7 to provide you with a headache-free towing experience. 

    When making your final decision on which towing company to use, be sure to double-check all their credentials. All reputable towing companies should state they are licensed and insured and verify their towing specialists are properly trained and certified. You may also want to check online reviews and speak with co-workers to help make your decision.

    Make the Towing Call and Prepare Your Vehicle 

    After making the call to the towing company of your choice, you will want to prepare your vehicle for the tow. Since the tow truck will not show up immediately, you will have time to do these three important steps before it arrives. 

    • Remove Valuables: Since many towing companies make it clear that they are not responsible for personal items in the vehicle, it is important to remove any of your items and valuables from your vehicle before having it towed. This will ensure nothing gets damaged or goes missing during transport or while your vehicle is at your mechanic. 
    • Photograph Your Vehicle and Note Any Damages: Before the tow truck arrives, take the time to examine your vehicle and take photos. If you have been in an accident, these photos can be helpful to the insurance company or your lawyer. Taking photos and noting any current damage or scratches can also be beneficial if there are any damages caused during the loading or transporting of your vehicle. 
    • Check All Windows and Doors: You will want to ensure all windows and doors are closed completely. This step may seem unimportant, but it is necessary to keep dust, debris, and rain from getting inside during transport. Closing all windows and doors will also deter from theft, as it will be harder to access the inside of your car. 

    After the Tow Truck Arrives

    • Complete Necessary Paperwork: Once the towing specialist arrives, be prepared to sign paperwork for identification and liability purposes as well as any service agreements the towing company requires, such as a tow truck agreement.. 
    • Verify Details of the Tow: Verify that the tow truck driver has the correct address of your mechanic who will complete the repairs on your car. This will save you additional towing costs if the towing company has incorrect information about where your car needs to be delivered. 
    • Have a Ride: If you experienced an unexpected breakdown or could not get back to your house, you will want to have a way to get back home. Call a friend, family member, taxi service, or rideshare service (like Uber or Lyft)  to pick you up after the tow truck arrives. 

    Towing Your Car to Your Mechanic is Simple

    As long as you follow the tips from this towing guide, towing your car to your mechanic will go smoothly. These tips for preparing for a tow will not only help protect your vehicle during transport but also reduce any confusion during the towing process.

    Geyers Towing's Guide to Towing Your Car to Your Mechanic

    A towing company’s job is to get your vehicle safely and efficiently to its destination, and at Geyers Towing, we go the extra mile to help get you back on the road. 

    Contact Geyers Towing

    If you are in need of towing your car to your mechanic for any reason, contact Geyers Towing for fast, reliable towing service in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Our “WRECKMASTER” Certified towing and recovery specialists are dedicated to providing the care and attention you deserve.

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