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So, you are making a permanent move to Florida or have a student relocating there for higher education.

 One to-do list item to consider is how you will get your car to your new home base, especially if your family has more than one automobile or you plan to fly down after the movers pick up your household items. 

It can be cumbersome to have one driver follow the other for hours at a time, after all, and potentially multiple days in a car might turn out to be more stressful than fun.

That’s where the option to ship your car comes in handy.

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Geyer's Transport transports cars from Maryland to Florida and everywhere in-between.

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Shipping a car makes long relocations more convenient, protects your vehicle from potential damage on high-traffic interstates, and minimizes wear and tear accrued during travel. Some of our clients’ cars are sentimental, classic, or of high value, making the protection included shipping worth every penny. 

There are a few things to think about when having your car shipped, however.

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Basic Elements to Consider When Shipping Your Car

There are several conditions to keep in mind as you look into shipping a car from Maryland to Florida. You will need to meet with Geyers Towing beforehand to receive an estimate on when yours will be shipped and when you can expect delivery, for example.

shipping a car to florida with Geyers towing and auto transport

You have to Schedule To Ship Your Car To Florida

Once you have decided that shipping your car is the right decision, you will need to reach out to the transport team for costs and delivery. Geyers Towing ships:

To ship your car from Maryland to Florida  (depending on size — contact Geyers about rates for your specific vehicle), pricing starts at \$750, and the trip is approximately 900 miles. Time of year and other factors will impact how long it will take your car to reach its final destination (see below for more information about those factors)

Know When You Are Shipping

Be prepared to be flexible on delivery dates. Shipping is like other industries, meaning there are high- and low-volume seasons during which Mid-Atlantic area residents more commonly ship their cars across the country — including Florida. 

A good rule of thumb is to allow 500 miles of travel per day, so you can expect a two to three day wait if your car needs to be delivered to a location around 1,000 miles away. 

The other thing to keep in mind is that aforementioned high-traffic transport season, which happens to be spring and summer. Your delivery could be delayed if you are looking for shipments during those months. Delays also occur around the start of school semesters when students return to Florida and need their cars shipped to campus. 

There is less transporting happening during the fall, however, so shipping then means your delivery is often faster and closer to your desired dates. Transportation typically ceases during winter because of potentially hazardous road conditions, but Florida’s mild-to-warm winters makes shipping there easy year-round. 

West Palm Beach

Choose Your Destination and Delivery

Your final destination also impacts delivery estimates. Where in Florida you would like your car shipped will determine mileage, after all, and could extend or shorten such windows by up to two days. 

Choose when and where you would like your car delivered, and our transportation team will work with you to determine the most convenient pick up spot. Geyers Towing currently offers pick ups in West Palm Beach and at a terminal in Fort Lauderdale, but does not offer home drop offs or pick ups. 

Rush deliveries are also available at an additional cost. 

You’ll Get and Review Your Quote

Your transport agent will use your delivery address to calculate mileage, then consider your choice of delivery before calculating a quote.

Review your quote and verify that all the details attached are correct so there are no issues during transportation. If you are satisfied, you are ready to book your delivery.

Reach out to your transport agent right away if you have any questions to eliminate any confusion. 

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It’s Time to Book Your Transport

Booking your car shipment locks in your rates for shipping a car to Florida and finalizes your delivery times. Our Southbound journeys leave every Friday and arrive in Florida on Monday, weather permitting. 

You will pay ahead and be presented with a confirmation of your car shipment. You can start preparing your car for shipment so it is ready to go on the scheduled pick up day.

car transport preparation

You Need to Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Preparation to ship your car to Florida starts at home. You should clean it out before, removing any unnecessary valuable or loose contents. 

This prevents you from losing valuable items should an accident occur while the car is in transit. Some shipments use enclosed trailers, but there is still a small risk of damage due to incidents caused by others on the highway. 

Have your car accessible for pickup so your transport agent can easily access it when they arrive for shipping. If you are not planning to be there when your car is scheduled to ship, have it accessible at the pickup location where you are temporarily storing it. 

You Drop Your Car Off at Our Facility

With Geyers Towing, you can drop off your car at our Germantown facility at a time that works for you to begin its Southbound journey. If you have your car tucked away in storage, we can pick up from the storage facility. Select Maryland locations also offer at-home pickup, but please call our agents for more information before relying on this option. 

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shipping your car to florida with Geyers

Shipping your car should not be stressful. Your best bet is to work with a transportation company that cares about making sure your car is cared and accounted for as well as delivered when expected according to your contract. 

Are you in need of a car shipment to Florida? Reach out to our team today for more information and get your personalized quote. At Geyers Towing, we look forward to answering any questions or concerns and working to exceed your expectations. 

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