Car Transport From From Maryland To Florida

Shipping a car from Maryland to Florida has never been easier. Geyers cover the entire state of Maryland, offering some of the most competitive car transport rates in the business when shipping from Maryland to Florida.

Maryland to Florida Car Transport and Shipping Services

Don’t like driving long distances on crowded, dangerous interstates? Are you snowbirding in Florida? 

Need to get a competition car to a show but don’t want to put the miles on it? If you answered yes to those questions you need someone to get your car from Maryland to Florida. Have you ever considered a car-shipping service?

Professional drivers in top-of-the-line tow trucks can get your pride-and-joy car from chilly Maryland to sunny Florida. A 15-hour drive in heavy traffic might not be your thing anymore. 

Using a car-shipping company takes the stress off your travel south. Let someone else do the heavy lifting while you jump on the plane and get to sunnier locations in a few hours.

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Why Choose Our Car Transport From Maryland to Florida

Need to Ship A Vehicle From Maryland to Florida?

One of the best things about shipping your car is convenience. You can work with the shipping company to arrange a good pickup time from Maryland. You will also arrange a good time for it to be delivered to you in Florida.

Think about popular times of the year to move south. Book early with your car-shipping company to make sure you are ahead of the crowd. The busiest time of the year to move south is after Thanksgiving and it’s also busy for the return journey in April.

Schedule your car transport early so that you have the best pick of dates.

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Ship Your Car From Maryland To Florida

No matter the reason you want to move a car from Maryland to Florida, using a shipping company is a good way to do it. Take the stress off your trip. Arrive at your destination safely and soundly. Have your car ready and waiting for you.

We provide a full range of car shipping services. We use only the best tow trucks to get your car south. We can handle any size car and get it to any location you want.
We have an amazing team of professional drivers. We’ll help you arrange everything. We’ll make your car’s journey south smooth, quick, and safe.

When you’re ready for your trip, you can drop your car off at the Geyers in Germantown, King Buick in Gaithersburg, or the Green Spring Shopping Center in Baltimore. Once you get down to Florida, pick your sweet ride up at the Kauffs in St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, or Miami, or Swad Auto Transporters in Ft. Lauderdale.

Give us a call today to find out about our services and to talk with an expert about scheduling your car’s trip.

Maryland To Florida Car Shipping Experts

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Don’t make your decision purely on price. Make sure the company you pick to ship your beloved car south is one with a good reputation. 

Do some research to find out what kind of tow trucks the company uses. Look at their truck fleet and see if they can handle your car. Not every company can move any vehicle.

If you have an RV you want to be moved south, for example, you need a shipping company that has the equipment to do it safely. Ask around on snowbird or car show online forums. 

Chances are people have had good and bad experiences. You want the most professional and respected company to move your car.

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