Transport Information Resource Guide

shipping a car to florida with Geyers towing and auto transport

1. Transport from MD down through FL

2. Make stops off RT 95 in all states on the way to FL (we do not travel too far off of RT 95).

3. In FL we make stops off of RT 95 and then stops at our terminals on the east coast of FL:

a. Port St. Lucie, FL (Tow & Transport Yard)

b. West Palm Beach, FL (Tow & Transport Yard)

c. Davie, FL (Tow & Transport Yard)

d. Opa Locka, FL (Tow & Transport Yard)

e. Fort Myers, FL (at ParkSmart at the Fort Myers Airport)

f. Fort Myers, FL (Tow & Transport Yard)

g. Naples Jet Center, Naples, FL (only if the customer flies into that airport)

h. All terminals/tow & transport yards are secured lots with security cameras, locked gates, and security/employees 24/7

i. Some of the towing & transport yards offer home pickup and taken to their lot for an additional cost.

7. Cost:

a. East side starts at $800.00
b. West side starts at $900.00
c. Middle of FL starts at $900.00
d. SUVs, trucks, large SUVs, and large trucks are additional cost

8. Cost can have some items not over 100 lbs of items, fuel about 4 no more than 1/2 preferred. However, if the vehicle is overpacked there is an additional charge. Nothing can block the windows in the vehicles and seats must stay up in the vehicle.

9. No motorcycles

10. No boats

11. No 3-wheeled vehicles

12. Some oversized wheels or large lift kits we cannot take, if we can it is an additional cost.

13. We always do picks in MD on Fridays and delivery on Mondays (except holidays, we work around them). During snowbird season, it moves to Thursday pickup and Monday drop-off.

14. Pickup in FL is on Mondays and delivery on Fridays in MD (except holidays, we work around them). During snowbird season, it moves to Thursday delivery in MD.

15. Home deliveries in most MD and some VA areas are offered at an additional cost.

16. Inspection sheets are due at every drop-off and pickup with the customer & driver or employee.

17. Vehicles must be drivable, no non-running vehicles.

18. At times we do pick up at auctions, not very many ports (due to wait times).

19. We have 9 car carriers that are open trailers, no enclosed trailers.

20. We hire our own drivers, we do not use brokers.

21. We are fully insured.

22. Prior booking is required.

23. Payments are due in full by the transport date (check, cash, credit card; credit cards do have a processing fee).

24. Most customers book 90+ days in advance to guarantee a spot as snowbird season books up fast.