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Moving vehicles from one place to another requires professional care and quality security. Moving a car between states is no easy task because you need to have the proper transport vehicle to do it. You’ll also need an experienced team to oversee the whole process. Hiring a professional Auto Transport Baltimore company is your best option if you want to be sure that your vehicle reaches its destination without a scratch.

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frequently asked questions


do i need auto transport?

How do you know you need to hire an Auto Transport Baltimore company? If you’re a consumer, car dealer, or corporation and need to move different types of vehicles over long distances, calling an Auto Transport company is the right choice.


how do i choose a company?

Sometimes, the move might be from one state to another or even from to a different country. Given how valuable vehicles are, you need to find an auto transport company that has many years of experience and an exceptional reputation.


where can i get transport from?

If you or your business needs to transport a vehicle over a long distance, contact Geyers Towing & Transport. Our Auto Transport Baltimore service is available to all areas in Maryland and the surrounding states.

our commitment

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Fast delivery

We move your car from one place to another in a quick and efficient way. We are committed to getting the job done in a timely manner.

DELIVERY OVER any distance

Whether you need auto transport from Baltimore or from Miami, we are ready to help. We move your vehicle over any distance you need.


You know your vehicle is in good hands when it's with the Geyer's family. We take exceptional care of our customers and their vehicles. Safety is our priority.

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