Promising Car Hauling Statistics, Trends, and Forecasts

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    From luxury cars to show vehicles, there are many reasons that you don’t want to drive your car where you need it to go. This is the time to hire a car hauling service to take care of your vehicle and get it to where it needs to go. Here are some things that you need to know about car hauling statistics, services, trends, and forecasts.

    What Is a Car Hauling Service? 

    In the United States, the car handling industry includes any company, including independent operators and trucks that are part of a fleet, that moves cars. The only exception is trucks that tow individual cars. It can also include:

    • Transporting cars on ships
    • Long-distance over-the-road transportation
    • Transporting vehicles in railroad cars 
    • Local transportation on a truck.

    If you need to move your car from one destination to another without driving it there, you would hire a car hauling service. The service loads your car into a specially designed trailer that holds a certain number of cars. This trailer is fitted onto one of the large over-the-road (OTR) trucks and moved where it needs to go. 

    In many cases, people hire a car hauling service to move an antique or luxury car on which the owner doesn’t want too many miles on the odometer. Snowbirds  — seniors who move around to colder or warmer climates based on their preference — are also frequent customers for car hauling services. 

    For example, they might drop off their car in Northern Virginia and receive it in Florida so that they can fly to Florida instead of driving. 

    What Are the Car Hauling Statistics, Trends, and Future Forecasts?

    geyers auto towing and transport trucks in transit to florida

    In response to lower consumer spending on new cars due to higher income and more job opportunities, the car hauling industry has seen steady growth. The industry expects to see the demand for car hauling services to remain steady well into 2024. Here are the relevant car hauling statistics from recent years.

    In 2019, around 4,500 companies in the United States were involved in the car hauling industry, and they made around $12 billion. This is a rise in market share from the $594 million the industry was earning in 2014. This is a 12 percent increase in revenue over a five year period.

    This industry employs roughly 57,000 people from truck drivers to administrative staff. While some of the trucks offer closed carriers, 82 percent of the current carriers are open to the air. 

    Car manufacturers use a chunk of these car hauling services. Today, you can see trucks on the road carrying multiple brand cars; however, that hasn’t always been the case. In past decades, one manufacturer would only allow its models on a trailer, but it turns out that this isn’t cost-effective, so car brands began to compromise and allow multiple brands in one load. 

    With all the exciting talk about self-driving vehicles in the transportation industry, you might expect some innovative ideas in the near future. However, a lot of the changes for trucks and carriers of the car handling industry have to do with increased safety.

    You can expect design changes to the carriers that offer additional top ramp safety, including added foot safety on the ramps and improvement to ramp controls and padding. Many of the safety changes will help reduce the risk of damage to the cars being transported. 

    There will also be improvements to the engines as designers continue to look for ways to incorporate clean fuels and create more efficiency. New trucks may include electric-motor assist and hybrid models for fuel savings that are better for the environment. 

    Car Hauling Statistics on Industry Drivers

    So who are the men and women transporting your car from Virginia to Florida so you don’t have to do all the driving? Let’s take a look at these car hauling statistics. There are actually 1.48 million people working in the trucking industry, and out of that extraordinary number, 61 percent are involved in car hauling.

    It’s actually drivers certified to drive heavy vehicles who haul the car carriers. In 2020, it’s estimated that there will be 2,246,000 heavy vehicles on the road.

    Truck drivers work an average of 70 or more hours per week, and drivers of heavy vehicles, such as car carriers, earn around $21 per hour. These drivers are typically paid by the mile and not the hour. 

    Because these trucks are so heavy with cargo, there are strict rules about when and how many hours a heavy truck driver can work. A driver can’t drive more than 10 hours or perform other duties for more than an additional three hours per 24-hour cycle. 

    In a seven day period, a truck driver can’t drive more than 60 hours or more than 70 hours in an eight-day period unless they take a 34-hour break during which they don’t do any driving. 

    Many of these heavy trucks and drivers are gone from home for several weeks at a time, driving from one end of the country to the other. In some cases, a company will put two drivers on a single truck to increase how quickly they can move freight from one point to another. One driver drives while the other sleeps or rests, and then they switch out. 

    Many drivers work for a large company that takes care of everything else so that all the driver needs to do is drive. After years in the industry, some drivers opt to go out on their own and buy a truck. However, they have to find their own customers, maintain their truck, and do a host of other jobs a small business owner does.

    Now that you understand a little more about car hauling statistics and the industry, you can feel safer allowing us to move your car where you need it to go. At Geyer’s Towing and Transportation, we know that you have a choice when you need a car moved and strive to provide you with outstanding customer support. We take pride in meeting the agreed-upon deadlines so you aren’t stuck waiting for your car. 

    When you’re ready for your trip, drop your car off at the Geyer’s in Germantown, King Buick in Gaithersburg, or the Green Spring Shopping Center in Baltimore.

    Once you get down to Florida, pick your sweet ride up at the Kauff’s in St. Lucy, West Palm Beach, or Miami, or Swad Auto Transporters in Ft. Lauderdale.

    Contact us today to discuss our service or to arrange transportation of your vehicle. 

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