Don’t Let Your Engine Overheat This Summer!

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    Keep Your Engine Cool This Summer With These Proven Preventative Measures

    If you’ve ever been in a car with an engine overheating issue, you probably know how frustrating and potentially dire the situation can be. Sometimes smoke can start coming out of the hood, which can be frightening if you don’t know your way around under a hood.

    But when your engine overheats on a hot summer day? That’s the worst. Not only is your engine overheated, but you are stranded outside in the heat as well until a tow truck comes as well.


    How To Keep Your Car From Overheating

    Take a look at these four preventative measures you can use to help make sure that an overheated engine won’t be a problem for you this summer.

    1. Service Your Air Conditioner

    This is a step you should definitely take if you are going on any kind of road trip this summer. Your air conditioning system can suffer a lot from any broken parts, and if you get stuck in a traffic jam and blast the AC for a long time your engine will definitely be in danger of overheating.

    We recommend a full AC check before the summer gets too hot!

    2. Flush Your Cooling System

    Your cooling system can slowly build up a residue of metal particles, rust, etc. This can clog up the system and slowly reduce its effectiveness; if your cooling system becomes too highly compromised then you run the risk of engine overheating and engine failure.

    Use a duster to dust off your air filters to help prevent debris from getting into the engine and clogging the cooling system.

    3. Get Your Radiator Checked Out


    If you are worried about your engine overheating then your radiator should be one of the first things on your mind. A huge percentage of overheating issues result from a radiator being blocked or damaged in some way.

    Make sure your radiator is being checked out every single time you go in for a regular maintenance check, and ask your servicer to add antifreeze whenever it is needed (and trust us, antifreeze is needed in the summer just as much as in the winter!)

    Antifreeze is important because it raises the boiling point of the water in the cooling system, therefore preventing overheating.

    4. See If Your Engine Needs Replacement Parts

    There are plenty of bits in your engine that slowly get worn down over time. Break lines, fittings, and hoses are just a few examples.

    Your engine is going to get really hot this summer, and we mean really hot (some engines can get up to 200 F). Your engine was designed to withstand this, but not indefinitely! If one crucial element in your engine gets worn down then your whole engine is at risk of overheating.

    Is Your Engine Overheating Right Now?

    By following these steps you can prevent your car from overheating when you’re driving to work, or down the highway. Dealing with car failure on the side of the road is no fun, but if you are having engine troubles you now what to do!

    Give Geyers Towing a call! We can handle all kinds of light-duty towing services.

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