Exploring the Capabilities of a Heavy-Duty Rotating Truck

It has been more than 100 years since towing and recovery vehicles, also called wreckers, have been in use. Early and mid-twentieth century wreckers were built to recover small cars used by individuals and families of that era. 

Eventually, they evolved to meet the growing needs of commercial industries and the military. Nowadays heavy duty wreckers have enough power to recover large, heavy, and unwieldy vehicles like buses, garbage trucks, heavy-duty rotating trucks, and even motor homes. 

They are also handy in other situations like:

      • Accident recoveries

      • Hazardous material recoveries

      • Moving heavy equipment

      • Underwater recoveries

      • Vehicle extractions

    When it comes to vehicle extractions, the most versatile among heavy duty wreckers use a rotating boom and winch to get heavy vehicles out of locations that are difficult to access. 

    The use of rotating booms has given these heavy duty wreckers new names: “rotating trucks” or “rotators”.

    Among all heavy-duty rotating trucks, the 60-ton heavy-duty rotator is currently unmatched in the industry for its power and capabilities.

    Standard Capabilities of a 60-ton Heavy-Duty Rotator

    The 60-ton heavyduty rotator is an awesome combination of raw power and refined stabilizing technology that gives it exceptional pulling capacity.

    Raw power: The rotator’s “Torque Box” style carrier frame, made of high strength steel, is capable of 44 million in. lbs. RBM. The steel used to build the frame is the highest rated in the industry with an excellent weight to performance ratio. 

    The rotator comes with standard equipment with a lifting capacity of 120,000 lbs. when retracted, and 44,000 lbs. when extended. The lifting capacity of the two-speed dual planetary winches is 50,000 lbs. 

    Refined stabilizing technology: The dual front and rear “Scissor Style” low mounted, low-profile stabilizers are fully hydraulic. These three-stage outriggers are capable of up to 26″ of ground penetration which makes it easy to set them up on uneven terrain; the integral folding spades on the stabilizer dig into the ground for greater stability. 

    The 18,400 lbs. tip load rating of the rotator is the best in the industry. The outrigger spread of 112″ x 264″ is the most in the industry. They have wide stabilizer pads, load holding valves, and D-Rings for side pulling with manual lock pins.

    Exceptional pulling capacity: The two, or optionally three, stage hydraulic extendable boom can rotate a full 360°. The elevation operating range of zero to 51 degrees which provides a ground to hook maximum height that is just two inches shy of 32 ft. 

    The maximum working radius at  30° is 26 ft. and 10 inches, and it increases to 41′ 10″ in the horizontal position. The wire rope that comes as standard equipment is 0.75″ x 250.5 ft. x 37 IWRC. The outrigger and carrier box frame combo is capable of providing up to 60,000 lbs. of pull when the recovery boom is horizontal. The maximum working radius is 42′, much greater than the 34′ from competing wreckers.

    Control Features

    The fully proportional manual hydraulic controls are positioned on the passenger side as well as the driver’s side of the rotator. 

    All functions except that of the outriggers can be controlled remotely; the outrigger controls are available on both the passenger’s and driver’s sides. 

    The rotator features an in-cab nine function switch panel, but the hydraulic pressure gauges are on the passenger side of the rotator.

    The hydraulic system has a reservoir with suction strainer, sight gauge, and a three-stage pump. It is also equipped with a shut off valve for suction oil flow.

    Features of the 60-ton Rotator Truck Body

    Geyers tow trucks on duty

    The 60-ton wrecker comes with a durable body built with weather-tight, impact-resistant polypropylene which makes it super-rugged and highly non-corrosive. The sub-structure of the modular bonded aluminum body is made with composite panels.

    The body is designed with a removable and modular mid-section for easy access for maintenance. The other significant features of the body are:

      • Door hinges and paddle latches made of stainless steel,

      • Lighting that conforms to federal standard 108,

      • Aerodynamic light pylons,

      • Independent rubber shock mounts, and,

      • Door gas shocks

    Miscellaneous Features

    The glad hand connections and seven-pin electrical connectors on the rotator are recessed for better aesthetics.

    The best in class electrical swivel unit is filled with silicon and fully sealed to minimize EMI emissions. The swivel has a brushless design that does not lose electrical contact due to dirt buildup. The swivel requires no regular cleaning since dirt cannot get into it.

    The other standard miscellaneous features are:

      • Mudflaps

      • Back-up alarm, and,

      • Rear hook up lighting.

    Optional Equipment

    An optional HDUL565 Underlift is available for the 60-ton rotator. It provides a retracted lifting capacity of 56,500 lbs. and 17,600 lbs when extended.  

    The HDUL565’s hydraulic power tilt has a 30° positive reach and a negative reach of 18°. It is capable of a maximum reach of 176″ from the end of the tailboard. 

    This underlift comes with a heavy duty tire life of 14,000 lbs. or a super-heavy one of 25,000 lbs. The planetary drag winch on the HDUL565 has a 0.63″ x 250.5′ x 37 IWRC wire rope and a pulling capacity of 35,000 lbs. 

    The HDUL565 also comes with a fifth wheel adapter, rear camera kit, special paint, and an emergency light package.

    Learn more About a Heavy-Duty Rotating Truck

    Geyers Towing & Auto Transport has been a leader in the towing industry for more than 25 years. We are open round the clock and all seven days of the week for light, medium, or heavy-duty towing as well as vehicle recovery with rotating trucks.

    Geyers Towing is authorized and approved by the police. It is staffed by professionally trained, “WRECKMASTER” certified courteous drives and extraction experts. 

    You can be assured that our employees are drug-free and are safety and CPR certified. All our drivers are uniformed and their trucks are dispatched by computer and tracked by GPS.

    Geyers Towing has been providing exceptional towing service in several counties of Maryland, the Washington metropolitan area and northern Virginia. 

    We strive to provide to our individual customers the same courteous care, warm service, and high standards of support that our corporate customers enjoy. Moreover, we operate with careful consideration of your budget constraints.

    Please contact us for all your needs for heavy duty rotating trucks.

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