6 Undeniable Benefits of Dashcams for Company Cars

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    dashcam for company vehicles

    Many businesses nowadays offer a company car to their employees to help them with their jobs. Sales executives and medical representatives are some examples of company personnel with this kind of perk. Often it is because of the excessive travel requirements these employees have. They often need to travel to different cities (sometimes different states/provinces) as part of their work. Since company cars are significant assets, companies need to protect these properties. One way to do it is to mount dashcams, or, dashboard cameras on their automobiles.

    Installing a dashcam (also known as a car recorder camera) is a good investment because it provides convenience and helps in motivating employees to do their job well. Although recording footage while driving may sound impractical for some, there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in dash cams.

    Here are 6 Reasons Dashcams Can Help Your Business:

    1. It can find out who is at fault if an accident occurs.

    As a business owner, it is part of your responsibility to protect not only your assets but also your people. Although your employees could be skilled drivers, accidents on the road can still happen. Mounting a camera on the dashboard can help you determine the primary cause if an accident occurs. You’ll be able to find out if it is caused by reckless drivers or by some technical errors.

    2. It aids in monitoring your employee’s activities.

    With the documented journeys in the dashcams, you can find out what your employees are doing in your car. You’ll know how much time did it take them for the whole trip. With a dashcam, you can monitor their activities and identify if they are driving responsibly. Through the videos, you can also give some advice to your people on how to improve their driving skills.

    3. It can help other people by providing a piece of strong evidence if a nearby accident occurs.

    Taking footage for your everyday trip might consume much of your camera’s storage space. Although using a dashboard camera might give you plenty of video files that will require server space, this can be valuable evidence that you can keep if ever there is an accident. You can help the authorities if an unfortunate event happens in front of your vehicle. For instance, you can give the footage from your dashcam to the authorities, helping them identify the cause of the accident.

    4. It can help you remember essential routes.

    If you need to go to a place for business purposes and you forgot how to get there, you may watch the recorded video of your travel from the dashcam. If you need pictures from your road trips, you may also take still images using this device. One of the best things about dashboard cameras is that you can take photos while it is recording. These photos can be used in the necessary documentation, if and when needed for your business.

    5. It can make your employees feel safer.

    Delinquents are more likely to be discouraged in doing unlawful acts if they know that there are surveillance cameras. Your dash cam can serve as a method of surveillance that monitors your assets. Installing a dashboard camera enhances security, making your employees feel safer while in your company vehicles.

    6. It can prevent parking accidents.

    When the car is parked, you may not know what is happening around it unless you install a dashcam. If an accident occurs in the parking area, you can monitor what happened using your dashcam. You can find out who has scratched or bumped your truck or car. A dashcam can provide valuable evidence that can serve as your reference if someone has caused damage to your vehicle.

    Get in an Accident? We’ll Help Get Your Vehicle Out

    A dashcam is an excellent investment to protect not only people but also your automobiles. It is a cost-effective device that can save you from accidents, frauds, and other unexpected events. You can use these dash cams not only for your business but for your trips as well.

    If you find yourself stranded on the road, or have gotten in an accident and need a tow, give us a call at (301) 540-1600

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