Best Time To Transport Your Car To Florida

Many folks enjoy the sunshine and attractions that come with Florida. When they finally decide to make the move, the issue of car transportation appears. Instead of purchasing a new car, many want to keep the one they have that may hold sentimental value. Making the trek to Florida from the Mid-Atlantic region can be lengthy in mileage and time. The goal is to reduce the potential for damage and take advantage of the best time available. At Geyers Towing, our team is happy to accommodate your request to transport your car to Florida, no matter where you need the delivery. 

What Types of Cars Can Be Transported? 

No matter what size vehicle or the number of vehicles you have to be transported to Florida, Geyers Towing is able to accommodate your needs. We will provide the appropriate towing equipment to store and transport your car(s) so that it reaches its Florida destination when requested. 

Not only are daily drivers transported through this system, but classic cars that were housed in your Mid-Atlantic garage need the best love and care when being transported. Even if it is not in the best condition, it is your property and deserves to be transported properly to its new home. 

Preparing For Shipment

Before your car is shipped with your transportation company, you will need to take a few precautions and prepare the car for shipment. You will want to top off any fluids in your engine such as coolant. Also, remove any valuable contents and loose parts from your car that could come loose or be stolen in the event of a theft. When it is getting close to having your car picked up, you will want to have it in an accessible location so that if you are not there, the transportation company can pick up the car for your convenience. 

Best Time of Day For Car Transport to Florida

When you schedule your car(s) to be transported to Florida, having it picked up in the evening to be towed through the night is the best practice if you can work it into your schedule. In the later hours of the day and night, traffic is less on the highways and interstates, making it easier to move through the different states. Also, there is less potential for an accident, preventing damage to your car that is being transported. 

Having your car transported through the night could make it available when you start the next day, especially for those who are moving to the upper part of the state. Even those who are finding a permanent location towards the tip of the state can still have their cars transported to them much faster than if they drove them down themselves, having to take multiple breaks. 

Best Day(s) of The Week For Florida Transportation

When you are scheduling which day for your car transport to Florida, you may want to consider a weekday for your transport and delivery. The number of cars on the interstates is less throughout the week as opposed to weekend traffic. Weekend congestion could delay the delivery of your car due to traffic and accidents that happen on the highway. Also, the potential for accidents and damage is elevated on the weekend because of this traffic congestion. 

Choosing a weekday means that you are able to have your cars transported while you are preparing your home. You will have had a head start on putting away your things and preparing your new home. Once the weekend comes around and you are able to run those last errands on your days off, your car will be available so that you can start exploring your Florida town at your leisure.

Best Time of the Year to Transport Your Car To Florida

If you are considering waiting until the right part of the year to transport your car down to Florida, you may want to wait until the cooler months approach. During that time, any cars that you may have stored up north can be transported down to you. Many folks who moved during tourist season throughout the summer often choose to store their classic cars and additional vehicles until later with less traffic and the travel is safer. 

Not only is there less traffic on the road, but getting your stored vehicles out during this season will protect them from any winter damage they could have experienced up north if they remained through the season. With fewer people traveling during this time of the year, the safety of your vehicle in an enclosed vehicle is much greater because there are fewer opportunities for damage or theft during essential stops made by the driver.

Car Transport to Florida

Also during this time, car shipments are at a lower rate, meaning that you could receive your car quicker due to less demand. The issue that car transports have with shipping cars up north in the winter is not an issue when shipping to Florida. Florida experiences mild to warm winters, which means that highways are open and available for transportation to all parts of the state without any disruption. 

Prepare To Have Some Flexibility

Depending on when and how soon you may need your vehicle, your shipping agent will work to get your car(s) transported to you as quickly as possible. Consider the various demands that happen throughout the year, consider having some flexibility for your shipment, allowing a window of time that you would like to receive your car in Florida. 

Let Geyers Towing Make The Trip To Florida For You!

Our team at Geyers Towing is familiar with transporting a variety of vehicles to Florida and states in-between. No matter the size, shape, or condition of your car, we are happy to safely deliver it to your new Florida home so that you can start enjoying your new residence with all of your property. Give us a call today to schedule your car transportation service or get a personal quote. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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