The Best Motocross Tracks in Maryland

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    The Ultimate Guide to Motocross Tracks in Maryland

    Motocross in Maryland is a fast and thrilling sport that’s only getting better every year. With each lap around the track, riders demonstrate incredible technical skill, physical prowess, and willingness to take calculated risks to edge out their competition. 

    Whether you’re an eager beginner, an experienced rider, or just a fan of the sport, the Maryland area is home to several Motocross tracks that host races every week. In the article, we will talk about what Motocross is and why it’s such a popular sport in this area. Then, we’re going to introduce you to all the best Motocross tracks in Maryland and tell you a little bit about why we like them. 

    What is Motocross? 

    Motocross is a racing sport where participants ride motorcycles over rough terrain. This usually takes place on a closed-circuit dirt track. 

    While every track is different, all of them are one to three miles (1.5 to 5 kilometers) long and include several unique turns. Each track offers unique challenges and evolving track conditions that riders must negotiate during the race. These challenges include hills, jumps, raised corners (called berms), and wet and/or muddy areas. 

    As the racers make their way around the track, they’ll use a combination and mental and physical skills to try and overcome these challenges faster than any other rider. At the same time, they are carefully managing risk to give themself the greatest advantage possible without getting hurt. 

    The result is a fast-paced and exhilarating sport for both the participants and the audience. And if you’re a Motocross fan in Maryland, you’re in luck. Our state is home to some of the best tracks nationwide. Here are just a few of our favorites in no particular order. 

    The Best Motocross Tracks in Maryland 

    Each of these tracks hosts dirt bike practices, races, and all kinds of other events for passionate riders in Maryland. 

    The Landing MX in Easton, MD

    motorcross track in Maryland called The Landing

    The Landing offers a premier Motocross experience to riders and fans in the Easton, MD, area. They’ve got peewee, intermediate, and advanced Motocross tracks making it a welcoming venue for riders of all ages and skill levels. 

    The Landing has a passionate staff that aims to create a fun and family-friendly atmosphere while offering the highest quality experience for the racers. They emphasize grooming, watering, and preparing their tracks to provide a premium Motocross experience. So if you’re in or around the Easton area, definitely check out The Landing. 

    Wicomico Motorsports Park in Budds Creek, MD 

    Sitting on an astonishing 300 acres, Wicomico Motorsports Park is home to two Motocross tracks, a kids ‘fun’ track, and several miles of ATV trails which are described as “rugged enough to be moderately challenging.”

    Wicomico Motorsports Park is a venue for motorsports fans of all kinds. With miles of well-maintained tracks and trails, a large grassy parking area that can accommodate trailers, shady sites, and camping areas, it’s the kind of place where you can spend a whole weekend enjoying the sport with other riders and fans. Better yet, they’ve got electric hookups for an extra fee, so you can even bring the RV

    Budds Creek MX Park in Mechanicsville, MD

    Maryland's Budds Creek Motorcross track

    Over in Mechanicsville, MD, Budds Creed MX Park hosts races nearly every weekend and provides a welcoming venue for spectators as well. While they are one of the premier venues for professional Motocross racing in Maryland, they are also extremely accommodating to newer and less experienced riders. For beginners, they partner with Moto Ready MX to provide rental bikes and Motocross lessons. 

    If you’re a Motorcross fan in Maryland, Budds Creek MX Park is one of the area’s top venues for the sport. 

    Shady Acres Motocross Park in Friendsville, MD 

    Shady Acres Motocross Park is a family-friendly Motocross track featuring a ½ mile-long intermediate track that follows the land’s natural contours. The track is known for its great turns, doubles, and triples. It’s also got a 70′ tabletop jump that experienced riders will love. 

    In addition to the Motocross track, Shady Acres sports a separate four-mile woods track and permits ATVs. So if you’re looking for a great place to ride around Friendsville, be sure to check out Shady Acres. 

    Tomahawk MX in Hedgesville, WV 

    Tomahawk MX motorcross track in WV

    The last track we’re going to talk about isn’t technically in Maryland, but it’s close enough that it’s worth the drive for any Motocross fan. In Hedgesville, West Virginia, Tomahawk MX hosts races and practices on weekends and Wednesdays, weather permitting. 

    They offer three tracks for riding on practice days. A 1.3-mile Motocross course, a beginner Supercross course, and a kids course. They’ve also got 8 miles of Hare Scrambles. Quads are permitted on the main track on Wednesdays and on the trail system on weekends. 

    If you want to spend the whole weekend, overnight camping is permitted. They have electric and water RV hookups on site as well; just call ahead and make sure there is space available. 

    The combination of multiple tracks, frequent events, and being camping friendly makes Tomahawk MX one of the best Motocross venues in the area. 

    Ready to Ride? Check Out These Awesome Motocross Tracks in Maryland. 

    Whether you are new to the area or new to the sport as a whole, we hope this guide has helped you identify the best Motocross venues in the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland areas. Each of these tracks sports a passionate group of team members and riders who create unforgettable experiences for racers and fans in the area. 

    Most of these venues have varying schedules, pricing, and track rules and regulations that you’ll want to be aware of before you visit. So before you show up, contact them directly to ask questions or get additional information you’ll need to participate. 

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