Adding Up the Costs: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Florida?

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    Geyers Towing's Car Transport Services

    Our Cars represent the freedom and expression of something we hold dear. Cars represent that you’re free to go wherever your heart desires in one of these machines. They symbolize family vacations together, late-night cruises with loved ones underneath stars, the first soccer practice, and much more.

    As a family-owned company, Geyers understands attachment between driver/passenger that only comes along once every lifetime with beautiful memories. If you’re looking for auto transport services, in particular to shipping your car to Florida, it’s essential to know that your vehicle is in safe hands. We’ve compiled this article to explain some in-depth need-to-knows and how they will affect the price when shipping your car or truck!

    What’s Involved With Car Shipping?

    cost to ship a car to florida on a transport truck

    Before we dive into the factors that will impact your vehicle transport costs, let’s talk about what’s involved with this process. First, car transport services take your car from one location to another without racking up many miles on it. This can save a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, especially during a cross-country move.

    Car shipping to Florida is a top-rated service among retirees who don’t want to spend the time driving down to Florida. These services are also a good option for people with classic cars that may not be able to make a trip that long. There are even transport services that move cars overseas! 

    What is Snowbird Car Hauling?

    Snowbirding is a fantastic way to get the best of all worlds in terms of weather. It’s all fun and games once you are doon vacation, but loading up most of your stuff every six months and driving across the country can be exhausting.

    Do you ever wish you could hop a plane to your other home and have your car magically show up there without all the extra mileage? Or are you Moving across the country and you need to ship your car? These are our specialties here at Geyers Towing and Transport. We specifically cover transport up and down Highway 95 shipping and hauling your vehicles down to Florida, the sunshine state.

    The good news is that towing services can make this magic happen for you! Car shipping is real and florida vehicle transport is on the way. Let’s explore how much you can expect to pay for these services and more.

    How Much does it cost to ship a car to Florida?

    So how much does it cost to ship a car to Florida? In general, shipping a car to Florida will cost somewhere between $500 to $2,000. So most people will pay somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500 to have their car transported to Florida. But we have a national average pricing chart for you below which you are welcome to explore. Give us a call for special pricing opportunities.

    So with all of these factors taken into consideration, how much is it actually going to cost you to ship your car? Keep in mind that these numbers will all be ballpark figures, at best. Your final cost will depend on all the factors we discussed, as well as which specific company you decide to work with.

    Vehicle Shipping Cost Per Mile
    Direction Price Index Regional Distance Cross Regional Distance Cross Country Distance
    North to South $0.95 $0.75 $0.60
    South to North $0.64 $0.50 $0.40
    East to West $0.50 $0.40 $0.35
    West to East $0.55 $0.45 $0.35
    Vehicle Shipping Cost Per Mile
    Origin Regional Price Index Regional Distance Cross Regional Distance Cross Country Distance
    Southeast $0.85 $0.70 $0.51
    South $1.40 $1.10 $0.90
    Northeast $1.65 $1.30 $1.11
    Midwest $1.15 $0.90 $0.75
    West $1.11 $0.90 $0.68

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    On your way to paradise!

    What to Look for in A Florida Vehicle Transport Company

    When you start shopping for a Florida car shipping company, there are a few things you’ll want to look for. First, you want to select a company that will handle your car with all the care they would show their vehicle. This is especially important if you’re moving a rare or expensive vehicle where damage would be devastating. 

    In addition to overall reliability, you want to find a car company that offers affordable prices. They should be able to show you excellent customer reviews and a history of stellar customer service. It’s also essential to find a company that offers the transport style you want to use (more on that later).

    For now, we’d like to emphasize that car shipping is a specialty that many towing companies offer. But they don’t provide their car shipping services with the same 30-year professionalism that we do. So here are some pointers to consider. 

     Great Auto Transport companies should offer a variety of services. When transporting cars, this should include:

    • Transporting vehicles in covered or uncovered car transporting methods.
    • They can haul multi-car or single-car trailers
    • They can give you a choice of getting your vehicle transported door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal

    It will also help you understand any extra fees not listed in your vehicle transport contract. Never entrust any company, no matter how good they look on the outside, with your vehicle if you don’t have a written agreement. 

    Two vital criteria you want to make sure your vehicle transport company has are:

    1. License,
    2. And Insurance.

    Almost all vehicle transportation companies have minimum cargo and liability insurance.

    It is essential to make sure they have it and that the company carries enough insurance to cover your vehicle if something unforeseen happens.

    But Wait, A Quick Florida Car Transport Checklist


    We get it. You are ready to hit the beach! But there are things you need to do in preparation for having your car shipped before you can hop off a plane and into the water. We’ve got the checklist right here for you!

    • Make sure the company has delivery protection plans.
    • Check for any senior citizen, student, or veteran discount plans.
    • Ensure the auto transport service company you use is 100% insured, licensed, and bonded.
    • Check on the auto transport service company’s damage-free guarantees.
    • Does the auto transport service company have expedited services available?
    • Does the auto transport service company rate include fees, tolls, taxes, gas, and accommodation expenses? Check Yes
    • Does the auto transport service company provide vehicle tracking available online? Check Yes

    Now, you could skip all this hassle and request a quote from Geyers. We’ve already checked off the whole list for you! Let’s dive into a couple of other factors before moving on to the final costs. 

    Question to ask a Car shipping company

    There are some questions you’ll want to ask during your Florida auto transport search. First of all, you’ll need to find out what sort of documentation the company requires to take your car to Florida. If they don’t ask for at least your car registration and proof of insurance, you’ll want to find another Florida car transport service.

    You’ll also want to find out how to prepare your car for shipping and how long it should take for your car to get to you. This deadline may be more of a range of time since there can be unexpected delays or problems during the shipping process. It’s also a good idea to ask about payment arrangements and methods, including when you’ll need to make a payment. Here is a short list so that you can check it twice!

    • What documents do you need to provide when shipping your car or truck from  Maryland to Florida or any other state?
    • Ask the car shipping company you should prep your car for the ride! It is important to know if you need to remove everything from the car.
    • How long will take for your vehicle to reach your desired destination?
    • What payment arrangements can the vehicle transportation service company provide?
    car carriers to florida

    Car Transport to Florida: Quick Tips for Picking a Company

    1. Do research on the car transport companies in your area and find out which ones are reputable.
    2. Make sure to read reviews from other customers who have used the company before to get an idea of their experience.
    3. Contact the transport company directly and ask questions about the services they can provide for you for your trip to Florida.
    4. Check whether the company offers door-to-door service or if it requires you to pick up and drop off at designated locations.
    5. Find out what type of vehicles they use and make sure to choose one that is suitable for your vehicle size and weight requirements.
    6. Ask if they have any additional charges or fees that may not be included in their initial quote.
    7. Look into different payment options, such as cash, credit card, or cheque payments, so that you can select the most convenient payment method for you.
    8. Inquire about any discounts or special offers available with the transport company that can help reduce costs for you.
    9. Ask about how long it will take for your vehicle to be delivered, so you know when you expect it to arrive in Florida .
    10. Confirm insurance coverage details offered by the company and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed correctly before authorizing them to transport your vehicle.

    Do you have More Car Hauling Questions? We’ve got it all covered here, Tab through the list of common Q&As when it comes to shipping your car and vehicle transport services.

    Car & Truck Shipping Quotes

    Every auto transport service company will give you an unofficial or official quote. When we move a vehicle from one location to another we make sure our reputation matches our services. We also provide you with a competitive car shipping quote. Our vehicle transportation services are: Safe, reliable, and trustworthy. 

    No vehicle should be damaged when being transported. You shouldn’t notice a new dent or scratch when your vehicle arrives, and if you’d like we’ll deliver it to your doorstep too. It doesn’t matter if it shipped from Maryland to Florida or any other state. We drive snowbird cars to Florida in a simple and safe manner, let us handle what you don’t have to. 

    Your vehicle should not have any extra miles on it when you receive it. All the terms of the vehicle transportation contract should be successfully completed. The shipping quote you are given is based on our fair pricing model, and you won’t have any surprise fees. We built our auto shipping quotes based on our 30+ years of experience and client satisfaction. Our customers come back to our family owned, and operated company again and again when they need their vehicles transported.

    Learn More About Our Car Carriers to Florida

    Looking for a reliable car transport service to take your car from Maryland to Florida? Look no further than our team of car carriers! Our car carriers are fully licensed and insured, and they’re passionate about helping snowbird travelers get their cars to their vacation homes safely and on time. 

    We also offer car transport services for those who are moving to Florida, so whether you’re headed south for the winter or for good, we can help you get your car there with ease. Give us a call today to learn more about our car transport services and rates. We look forward to helping you get where you’re going!

    Moving a car across the country can be expensive, but the costs vary significantly depending on your needs. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to over $3,000 for the entire process. Costs typically include transport fees and additional charges such as fuel surcharges, insurance, and tolls. If you prefer an enclosed vehicle transport, expect to pay more than a standard open-air carrier. Of course, these prices may also depend on your car’s size and weight and the distance of your journey.

    Shipping a vehicle across the country can cost you anywhere from $500 to over $3,000 depending on the type of transport and distance involved. Generally, costs include fees for the transport itself as well as additional charges such as fuel surcharges, insurance, and tolls. If you require an enclosed transporter, expect to pay more than standard open-air carriers. Prices may also depend on your car’s size, weight and distance of your journey.

    It Depends, but yes, you can ship a car with stuff in it. However, you need to check the terms and conditions of your transport provider before doing so. Many transporters have restrictions on the type and amount of items that can be shipped with the vehicle. Furthermore, any additional items may cause additional charges or fees to be incurred for their transport.  It’s also good to know that you’re responsible if there are any lost items from theft.  It is important to check all rules and regulations regarding the shipment of your car with items before you make your booking.

    Transporting a vehicle to another state can be done in a few different ways. You may choose to drive the car yourself, or hire a professional shipping service. The cost of transport depends on the distance of the journey, type of transport and any additional fees (such as tolls and insurance). When transporting a vehicle from one state to another, you will need to obtain all necessary documentation before making arrangements. Additionally, you should also make sure that your car is properly insured for the journey.

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