The Best Truck for Towing Capacity in 2022

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    The pickup truck is an American staple that has gained strength over the years, allowing drivers the freedom to tow trailers and other recreational or professional loads. There are even bigger things in store for this beloved model in 2022, with some of the best-known names in automobiles revving up to release new options.

    The power levels of the modern market’s pickup trucks are higher than ever and have landed some of them clearly in the heavy-duty towing category. Knowing which ones meet that standard will help you decide the right truck for your lifestyle if you’re looking to haul at maximum capacity.

    This guide will explain the difference between regular towing and heavy-duty. It will also spotlight a selection of the most impressive options available and answer some of the most frequently asked towing questions.

    How Heavy-Duty Towing Differs From “Regular” Towing

    Regular Towing Truck

    The proper term for what most of us call a regular tow is a “light-duty tow.” Regular tow jobs are precisely that: the kind of things you might see trucks pulling every day, like light camping trailers, personal watercraft, bikes, or building materials.

    The hauling capacity of a lighter-duty truck isn’t to be sneezed at. Some of the lower capacity models can handle in the range of 7,000 pounds, or 3.5 tons. Heavy-duty towing is in a whole other weight class, though. Here’s why:

    Next-Level Loads Require Heavy-Duty Towing

    Heavy-duty towing capacity is for those hauling jobs where the poundage is sky-high. We’re talking in the upper range of tonnage, topping five or 10 tons for commercially available pickup trucks. This requires the truck itself to be built far tougher and with much more horsepower and torque in the engine, so it can travel safely while hauling such weights.

    Regular Pickup Trucks Can’t Reliably Handle Hazardous Hauls

    Regular pickups fall short for pulling large trailers, motor homes or RVs. The hazardous label could be attached to any of these loads. This is due to the potential dangers they can cause on the road if they’re not sufficiently secured and supported when in motion.

    Heavy-Duty Towing Capability Can Also Apply to Terrain

    Towing doesn’t always take place on a level highway. Pastimes like camping, fishing, or biking often take place in rugged environments, and the transporting vehicle has to be tougher than average to get people and equipment there reliably. A military-grade chassis and 4-wheel drive are some of the notable features in heavy-duty off-road rides.

    The automotive market has created plenty of options to satisfy the popularity of trucks and towing-reliant pastimes in America. Getting the towing power perfectly balanced to your personal needs is essential so you don’t end up with more horsepower (and higher payments) than you need. Let’s take a look ahead to how 2022 trucks are built with something to suit everybody.

    Some Common Truck FAQs for 2022 Buyers

    Heavy duty pick up track best truck for towing

    The perfect way to spotlight the best heavy-duty truck for towing maximum capacity in 2022 is to answer some of the customer base’s most frequently asked questions. Here they are, along with some numbers on towing capacity:

    Which Pickup Truck Has the Best Towing Capacity?

    The Ford Super-Duty F-450 seems to have next year’s competition beat in this area. It’s capable of towing up to 24,200 pounds (12.1 tons), thanks in part to its 475-horsepower engine. The capacity of this model also makes it a more than sufficient answer to the other three weight-class questions below.

    What Truck Can Tow 10,000 Pounds?

    If you don’t have the need or the budget to haul in the very upper levels of heavy-duty, then the 2022 RAM 2500 could be for you. Its towing capacity peaks at 15,040 pounds (7.52 tons), with the power supplied by a 410-horsepower engine. This model’s towing capacity slots it safely into the two higher towing classes in the questions below.

    What Truck Can Pull 13,000 Pounds?

    The 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 can be configured to tow 13,400 pounds (6.7 tons) with ease when upgraded to its 6.2-liter V-8 engine. The ever-popular 2021 Ford F-150 is an alternative, and the specs won’t change significantly for 2022. The F-150 can safely tow up to 14,000 pounds (7 tons) when fitted with a 3.5-liter V-6 twin-turbo engine.

    What Trucks Can Pull 15,000 Pounds?

    Several pickup trucks on the market can meet this demand, provided their gross vehicle weight is more than 10,000 pounds. The 2022 GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty AT4 can be configured to haul as much as 18,500 pounds (9.25 tons), and the Ford F-250 could also handle a 15,000-pound job comfortably.

    What Is the Best 4X4 for Towing?

    The previously mentioned 2022 Ford Super-Duty F-450 offers four-wheel drive and industry-leading towing capacity, while other options like the 2022 GMC Sierra 3500HD and the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD also provide 4X4 capabilities with heavy-duty towing power.

    There are some excellent options out there if you’re looking to tow at maximum capacity in 2022, but there will always be situations where only the professionals can get the job done. Be sure to select a team with the practical experience and the necessary professional qualifications to handle large loads beyond your capacity.

    H2: Contact the Experts With Your Towing Needs

    Need to tow more than your truck can handle? Give the experts at Geyers Towing and Transport a call. Our heavy-duty towing team can handle loads up to 75 tons (that’s 150,000 pounds) without a problem. Our fully certified and insured drivers have the experience to handle even the biggest and most awkward jobs with care for the vehicle, its cargo, and everyone in the vicinity.

    Our Wreckmaster-certified fleet operates 24/7 to provide a stress-free towing service to meet all your heavy-duty needs. Contact Geyers Towing and Transport for more information on how we handle the biggest tows with confidence.

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