What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps

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    7 Steps To Take After Calling a Towing Company

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 1

    It’s pretty stressful when your car breaks down on the road. The good news is, you’re not alone. You’d probably be surprised to learn that a typical car on the road in the United States is at least eleven years old as stated by IHS Automotive survey. 

    Because of the age of most vehicles, there have been many more breakdowns on the road, which is technically good news for tow truck services. But, what do you do as you wait for the tow truck to arrive and collect your car?

    We’re here to give you an idea of helpful and practical tips that will keep you calm and relaxed throughout the entire stressful situation. Here are some important steps you should take after a breakdown or accident:

    1. Contact Your Insurance Company

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 2

    The majority of insurance companies will refund you for getting your car towed, which makes sense why you should call them as soon as you need to use auto transport services. 

    Keep in mind that insurance companies calculate the refund using the distance towed and they also prefer specific towing services. Once you call them, they will advise you on how much you will be refunded as well as give you a list of towing services to use.

    2. Ask the Towing Company for a Price Estimate

    get a quote

    Different car transport services use different methods to charge you for the tow truck you order. Some will charge per mile while others prefer to use a flat fee. 

    Obviously, you will want to go with the flat rate if you are very far from where your car will be towed. It’s a much more cost-effective option to use per mile charging if you are near your destination. 

    Also, ask the type of payment the car towing company accepts lest you have to rush to the ATM to make your payment.

    3. Take Pictures

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 3

    This may seem to be purely for your peace of mind, but it can come in handy when unexpected damages occur when your car is being towed. If you took pictures, you will have evidence of your car’s condition at the time of towing, which will be valuable to prove your case. 

    Also, the images are helpful when dealing with your insurance company. Keep them until you are sure you will not need them, which may be after you have been reimbursed and your car is repaired and back on the road.

    4. Remove Important Documents and Items From Your Vehicle

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 4

    This may sound like a standard thing to do, but you would be surprised at how many people leave their valuables in their car when using an auto transport service. 

    In the end, you may end up losing more than just a few days use of your vehicle if you are not careful. Keep all company documents and valuable items in one place and remove them once the tow truck arrives for safe keeping.

    5. Ask For an Original Receipt 

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 5

    Again, this is something a lot of people ignore which is vital, especially if your insurance company will reimburse you for the tow. Ask the tow company for the original receipt and make a copy for yourself. 

    When making your claim, take the original receipt to your insurance as evidence that you indeed had your car towed.

    6. Ask the Towing Method They Plan to Use

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 6

    Most towing companies will use either of the two towing methods: using a hook-and-chain or a flatbed. The most popular method is towing using flatbeds. 

    This is because unlike a hook-and-chain, the car is hoisted on the flatbed, which means further damage is easily avoided. Specify the damage your vehicle has as it will determine the best method to use.

    7. Ask Where Your Car is Going

    What To Do After Calling A Towing Service: 7 Crucial Steps 7

    A professional tow service provider will ask you where you want your vehicle towed. Generally, most people have their cars towed back to their properties or to an auto-body shop to get the problem fixed. In some cases, you may be unfamiliar with the area and not know where you can have your car repaired. Ask the truck driver for a mechanic recommendation.

    Having your car towed should not be a headache, but if you don’t know what to do once your car breaks down, you may end up with a problem when dealing with the insurance company — give Geyers Towing and Transport a call whenever you’re in need of seamless and convenient transport.

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