Transporting a Motorcycle to Another State or Country

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    There’s no feeling quite like being on the open road. If you’re a gear head who owns and loves their motorcycle, you probably can’t stomach the thought of parting with your ride.

    The good news is, you don’t have to.

    Are you planning a cross-country move or simply looking to ship your motorcycle? If so, this article is for you.

    Keep reading to learn more about transporting a motorcycle and how to ensure your prized possession reaches its destination unharmed and ready for you to ride another day.

    Ditch the Idea of Road-Tripping

    You love riding your motorcycle. It gets you from point A to point B. It only makes sense to ride your bike to your final destination, right? 

    Not quite.

    A cross-country (or even a several state journey) will put wear and tear on both your bike and your body. While most motorcycles are meant to ride and can handle adding thousands of miles to the odometer, why waste those precious miles on a transport?

    Instead, hire an experienced company to transport your bike for you.

    This is especially convenient for those who own vintage or specialty bikes. Transporting your motorcycle keeps your precious ride safe and off the road. 

    Worried about the cost? Don’t be.

    Remember, a road trip means paying for fuel, food, hotels, and other incidentals along the way. Plus, you may need to find a ride back home if you’re leaving your bike at the other end. This type of venture can get costly quick.

    Save money, time, and aggravation by using a transport company instead. 

    Transporting a Motorcycle to Another State or Country 1

    Motorcycle Transport Is Less Stressful 

    Moving is one of the most stressful life changes anyone will experience. If you’re transporting your motorcycle because you’re relocating, you can tick this task off your list by leaving it to the professionals.

    You’re probably already stressed over packing up your home, changing jobs or schools, and moving everything into your new home. Eliminate any stress related to transporting your motorcycle by hiring an experienced company that specializes in motorcycle and vehicle transport. 

    Consider Cost

    The cost of shipping a motorcycle will vary based on distance. Obviously, an international or cross-country move will cost substantially more than transporting your bike between bordering states.

    A good rule of thumb to follow: shipping a motorcycle over 1,000 miles will cost approximately $500. Shorter distances may only run you between $200-300. Of course, prices vary depending on the company you choose as well but on average, you’ll pay $.50 per mile.

    Here are a few other factors that might determine the cost of transporting your bike.

    Motorcycle Size and Weight

    When it comes to transporting motorcycles, size matters. The bigger and heavier the bike, the more expensive.

    This makes sense given the larger the motorcycle, the larger the crate, the stronger the tie-down straps, and the more packaging material needed to secure it. Similar to the $.50 per mile fee, some companies average $.50 per pound for motorcycle shipments.

    If you have a heavy Harley Davidson you can expect to pay a lot more than a lightweight street or dirt bike. 

    Open or Closed Carriers

    Some companies ship motorcycles using open-air carriers, while others prefer to keep the bikes enclosed. This option will impact the bottom line.

    Open-transport exposes your bike to the elements. Your motorcycle will be exposed to any weather that the shipping truck encounters along the way, including rain, snow, and high winds.

    If the company uses an enclosed carrier, your bike is shielded from the elements. Because of this, enclosed carriers are also more expensive. 

    Consider how far you’re transporting your motorcycle and through which states it will travel. If it’s a short distance through mostly flat areas with mild weather, your bike may be safe in an open-air carrier. A cross-country journey during the winter months might require a closed container.

    Seasonal Costs

    Inclement weather isn’t the only way the season impacts motorcycle shipping costs. There are actually certain times of the year where transporting a motorcycle is more expensive.

    For example, choosing enclosed shipping during the winter months is a popular (and smart) choice. Unfortunately, that may increase the price slightly. 

    Transporting a Motorcycle to Another State or Country 2

    How To Ship A Motorcycle Safely

    Once you choose the shipping method, it’s time to ask some questions. Each company has their own techniques for transporting motorcycles, but there are certain things you want to guarantee are being done to keep your bike safe.

    Choosing the right company is essential. Take your time and do plenty of research. Compare quotes and read online reviews.

    Be sure to plan ahead so that you’re not pressured into making an impulsive decision. 

    Ask the company if there are any additional costs or charges for the type of motorcycle you’re shipping. You can also ask about available promotional deals or discounts. 

    Check for pick-up and drop-off availability that works within your timeline. Ask for shipment details so that you can track your bike’s journey the entire way. This provides you peace of mind that your motorcycle is in good hands.

    Transporting a Motorcycle to Another State or Country 3

    When Will My Motorcycle Arrive?

    Like a kid on Christmas, you’re probably eager to see your bike arrive safely on the other side. Unfortunately, motorcycle transport takes slightly longer than most people realize.

    Depending on the distance and the drop-off location, it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to one month for your motorcycle to arrive. 

    You can expect the transport company to pick up your motorcycle between 3 and 7 days after you request their services. The shipment itself can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days. 

    Many companies offer express shipping and may pick your motorcycle up within 24-48 hours of you placing the order. If you need your motorcycle on a specific date, make sure to plan ahead to guarantee on-time delivery.

    Take the Guess Work Out of Transporting a Motorcycle

    Whether you’re relocating, attending an event, or shipping your bike to family, knowing how to transport a motorcycle guarantees your bike arrives safely and on time. 

    Need other transport or towing services? Geyers and Towing Transport has you covered.

    Contact us today for a quote!

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