Transport Your Boat To Florida from Maryland for The Nautical Trip of a Lifetime

Florida is known as the boating capital of the world. Hundreds of thousands of out-of-state boats sail the clear blue waters every day in the Sunshine State. It’s possible to charter your personal watercraft from Maryland to Florida, through the Atlantic Ocean, but fuel costs, inclement weather, and possible mechanical failures could put a quick damper on the trip. 

Geyers Towing offers a reliable and safe option to transport your boat down to Florida. Our hassle-free transport service allows you to get out on the water sooner. Our professional drivers will deliver your boat to any marina or boatyard that you choose. Leave the driving to us so that all you have to do is relax and have fun. With countless bodies of water to explore, Florida truly is a boater’s paradise.

Why Transport Your Boat with Geyers Towing? 

Geyers Towing is a trusted vehicle transportation company that has been operating along the east coast since 1993. All of our transport carriers are maintained regularly and are DOT compliant. We can transport any type of motorized boat or sailboat from Maryland to Florida and everywhere in between. We offer competitive pricing and can provide a free same-day quote by filling out the online request form. Most people don’t find comfort in handing over the keys to their pride and joy. That is why it’s important to choose a reliable experienced company, such as Geyers Towing, so that you have peace of mind in knowing that your boat will arrive at its final destination in pristine condition.

How to Prepare Your to Transport your boat with Geyers Towing 

It’s important to properly prepare your boat for transport to ensure safe delivery. When selecting a location in Florida for delivery, make sure there is at least a 14-foot overhead clearance. Ask the lot manager if there are any hanging tree branches or electrical wires that may limit entrance. Keep in mind that the legal height of 13’6″ must be adhered to for all over the road transport services. Several things must be taken care of before we accept your boat for delivery:

Batten Down the Hatches

Albeit a popular boating term, this area of preparation should not be taken lightly. All hatches must be tied or taped down from the outside of the boat. They should also be sealed to keep rainwater or debris from getting below deck. If a hatch happens to blow open during transit, it can cause unnecessary damage. It’s important to take every precaution to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. 

  • Remove Loose Items From The Deck: The anchors need to be removed from the deck. Seat cushions must be taken off and stored in a secure area. Any loose gear should be stowed away and placed in a locked compartment to prevent damage during transport. Remove all windscreens, canvas, or fiberglass weather boards, so they don’t fly off during transit. Remove the windshields and any Plexiglas that may cause a potential hazard. Wrap any fragile items in a cargo blanket and secure below deck.
  • Remove All External Accessories: Take a look around your boat during preparation and remove anything that isn’t nailed down. This includes any type of electronics, antennas, radars, flag masts, lights, horns, etc. These types of items can easily fly off on the highway, so make every effort to properly remove and secure them.  Also, disconnect all batteries and properly secure before transport.
  • Secure All Windows, Cabinets, and Doors: The cabin door and all bay doors must be locked. Keep in mind that only boat gear can be stored onboard, as we are not authorized to ship household items. All cabinets, compartments, and doors must be closed and locked. Latch all cabin windows and secure them with tape from outside the boat.

Drain the Fuel and Water Tanks

All water tanks must be completely drained, and the drain plug removed from the hull. The bilge should be empty, with no residual water remaining during transport. If you are relocating the boat during winter months, be sure to drain all water from pumps, air conditioners, and anywhere else that water may pool to prevent freezing.

Inspect the Boat Trailer

If you are using your own boat trailer, be sure that it is in good condition. It should be thoroughly inspected before use to prevent damage to the boat. Check for weakness, secure any loose bolts, and make sure the rollers are in proper working order. 

Clean the Bottom of the Boat

All boats must be free of any type of growth, especially Zebra Mussels, before entering the State of Florida. Road dirt and residue may accumulate on the boat during transport, so we recommend a thorough cleaning before placing the boat in the water.

Great Boating Locations in Florida

Transport Your Boat from Maryland to Florida for The Nautical Trip of a Lifetime

There are endless opportunities to enjoy boating in Florida. The Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Florida Keys to the south offer plenty of unique waterways to explore. Further, there are more than 7,500 named lakes, 11,000 miles of rivers, and 2,000 miles of coastline. The Department of Travel and Tourism suggests the following areas for boaters to consider:

  • Jacksonville is home to the Metropolitan Park Marina. This downtown waterfront city offers world-class fishing, boating supply stores, and five-star restaurants. Hospitality abounds in a town that caters to the boating community.
  • Fort Lauderdale is referred to as the Venice of America with more than 300 miles of canals and inland waterways. The annual International Boat Show is one of the biggest boating events in the world, and definitely should not be missed.
  • The Florida Keys offers some of the best boating in the country. The temperature is ideal year-round, and with more than 125 miles of open water, there is something new to explore every day. At the southernmost point sits Jimmy Buffet’s beloved Key West. Offering the best sunset views in the U.S., this gorgeous locale should be added to your list of must-see destinations in Florida.
  • Tampa Bay is home to Florida’s largest estuary, making it an ideal spot for bird lovers. In the surrounding area, there are numerous Keys and pristine  beaches to enjoy. Located a close distance to St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Anna Maria Island, this is a favorite spot to visit among boaters.
  • The Florida Panhandle is the crowned jewel of Northwest Florida. It’s referred to as The Emerald Coast because of the gorgeous white sand beaches and blue-green water. The sheltered harbors and fabulous fishing make it one of the best ports in the Gulf of Mexico for sailboat enthusiasts.

Let Geyers Towing transport your boat!

Contact Geyers Towing today to find out how easy it can be to have your boat transported to Florida. We will help you get out on the water in no time!

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