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    A Complete Guide to Geyer’s Auto Transport Service

    Your car is your baby. We get that.

    You spent good money on your vehicle, and it’s vital to your success. We get that, too.

    You’re heading to Florida, and you need your car, but you definitely don’t want to add all of that mileage to your vehicle or make that drive yourself.

    We definitely get that.

    That’s why Geyer’s Towing is all about getting your car from Point A to Point B – even when Point A is Maryland, and Point B is Florida.

    We’re here to get your vehicle there, safe and sound, so that you don’t have to worry about anything but to pick it up once we arrive.

    Head South for the Winter

    It’s getting to be that time of year again, with the weather cooling down and snow on the horizon.

    If you’re feeling envious of the birds heading south for the winter, you’re not the only one.

    But why not join them?

    After all, sand, the ocean, warm weather – it sounds like a pretty good time. And you won’t even have to deal with tourists crowding up your favorite breakfast spot.

    All of that sounds much better than staying here and shoveling the snow out of your driveway, doesn’t it?

    There’s only one problem. With all those open, tourist-free roads, you’re going to want your car down there. The weather will be so lovely that it’s almost a crime not to ride with the windows down, isn’t it?

    Well, don’t you worry. With our auto transport services, you’ll be cruising in no time.

    You’re just a short call away from palm trees and sunny skies. So what are you waiting for?

    Our winter transport services begin in the second week of September. We head South on Friday and will deliver your ride to you on Monday, just in time enough for you to fly in and collect your car on the way to the beach.

    Watch the Flowers Bloom By the Sea

    Spring is the perfect time to move. With the flowers blooming and the world turning green once more, you’ll want to be in a new place where you can relax and take it all in for the first time.

    And if you’re moving south, you’ll be headed toward warmer weather. You’ve been bundled up inside with the heat blasting all winter long, so maybe it’s time to roll down the windows and air your car out.

    We’ve heard the southern air is pretty sweet.

    But you’ll have to get your car down there first. And that’s where we come in. 

    We want to get your car down south just as much as you want it to be there. So don’t stress about driving your car for hours on top of hours to get to your new home because we’ve got it covered.

    Let us do all the driving while you just plan out how you’re going to decorate your sweet new pad.

    Our Spring transport services begin in the second week of March. We head south on Thursday and reunite you with your vehicle on Monday.

    We’ll have your car just long enough for you to miss it. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Then we’ll deliver it to you so you can explore the new world you’ve just embraced.

    You Drop It Off, We Do the Rest

    Driving is the easy part. But before we can do that, we have to get your prized possession on the trailer.

    Because we serve so many areas in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia, having just one drop off location would not make sense.

    And because Florida is a pretty big state, having one pick up location wouldn’t make sense either.

    We like it when things make sense. And we’re willing to bet that you do, too.

    At Geyer’s, we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to ship your car. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    When you’re ready for your trip, drop your car off at the Geyer’s in Germantown, King Buick in Gaithersburg, or the Green Spring Shopping Center in Baltimore.

    Once you get down to Florida, pick your sweet ride up at the Kauff’s in St. Lucy, West Palm Beach, or Miami, or Swad Auto Transporters in Ft. Lauderdale.

    And if you want us to go the extra mile and deliver it directly to you, all you have to do is give us a call so that we can work it out.

    We Welcome A Challenge

    I’m willing to bet that some of you have an adventurous spirit. When you ride in style, it’s not always necessarily in a car.

    So we’ve talked your ear off about cars, but maybe all of this time you’ve been trying to figure out how you’re going to get your boat or your aircraft down to Florida.

    (Yes, we said aircraft. It happens.)

    Well, we like a challenge. It keeps our job interesting. Let us know what you need to be transported, and we’ll find a way to get it there.

    Do you need to get your bus to a lot down south? We can do that, too.

    In fact, we can handle heavy-duty transport up to 75 tons, so hit us with your best shot. We can take it.

    The Geyer’s team is always prepared. We’re some of the best in the business. Call us for your hardest transport jobs, and we’ll handle them with ease.

    We transport your specialty loads from Maryland to Florida and everywhere in between. All you have to do is give us a call.

    What to Pack (And What Not to Pack)

    We know it’s tempting, when you’re going on a trip or making a move, to try to pack your whole house into your vehicle. We’ve all been there.

    At Geyer’s, we want to make sure we get your car to its destination as quickly as possible, but we don’t want to sacrifice safety in the process.

    The heavier your car is, the harder and more expensive the job.

    So maybe you should leave behind your bowling balls and prized trophy collection. And please, for our sake and yours, leave your bookcase at home. (It’s happened, okay?)

    But that doesn’t mean you have to empty out your vehicle though.

    You can pack items in the trunk, but try not to let it overflow. Leave your backseat up and clear out your front passenger seats.

    Avoid packing fragile or meaningful items. We’ll get your car to you in good condition, but it’s not exactly a smooth ride. By packing these items in your vehicle, they’re at risk of being damaged during transport.

    They’re also at risk of being stolen. Remember that anyone walking by can see into your vehicle. If they catch sight of your Grandma’s fine china, they may suddenly get sticky fingers.

    Keep your personal belongings safe by leaving them out of your car.

    However, if you’d like to pack a suitcase or two and leave them in the trunk, that’s fine. Next time you see them, they’ll be in Florida.

    A Legendary Team that Cares About Your Satisfaction

    As you can tell, we’re pretty confident about our services. And that’s because we have one of the most talented teams around.

    Our entire team is professionally trained and WreckMaster certified because we want to provide the best service that we possibly can to our clients.

    We take safety seriously because we know we’re handling one of your most significant investments. That’s why all of our drivers are drug-free. And in case of emergencies, they’re also safety and CPR certified.

    We also do a thorough background check on all of our drivers, and they are all fully licensed and insured.

    You’ll never have to worry about our employees because we emphasize courtesy and professionalism in everything that we do.

    Just give us a call, and you’ll see firsthand why we’ve been successful for over two decades.

    We’ve Got You Covered

    If you’ve ever thought about using an auto transport truck before, you probably worried over sending your car off on a trailer, not to be seen again until you pick it up.

    It can be a nerve-wracking experience, which is why you should find a company that will give you peace-of-mind for the 3-4 days that you have to be without your car.

    Here at Geyer’s, we’re as reliable as they come.

    We guarantee that your car will arrive without a single dent because we take the time to assure the quality of our transport. We pay attention to the little things, and that includes the state of your car at every stage of the journey.

    And to help you stress a little less, we offer insurance for our services. That way, if anything goes wrong, we’re the ones paying for it.

    We treat every client like family. You can trust us to handle your car with the same care we take with our own vehicles.

    Quality Services at Quality Prices

    Going on a trip or making a move can be expensive. It can be tempting to try to cut costs by driving your car down yourself.

    However, using an auto transport company can be, and often is, the lesser expense.

    After all, who wants to pay for all of those hotels? Especially when you could be spending those nights in your own warm and cozy bed. 

    Plus, you’ll have to add in the cost of gas, and food, and of course snacks for when you have a sweet tooth or need a piece of gum.

    Not to mention the overall mileage it’ll add to your car.

    Plus, there’s a lot of risks associated with driving long distances. A trip from here to Florida is hard, even for the most experienced drivers.

    When you put your car on a transport trailer, you put in the hands of a professional who has navigated these roads before – who gets to know every pothole, every shortcut, and every speed limit sign.

    Plus, all of our trucks are equipped with GPS and computer dispatch. We stay connected and in communication with all of our drivers so we know they’re okay and that your vehicle is in good hands.

    This is especially important during the winter months when there could be inclement weather. It’s easier for us to navigate because we’re so familiar with the roads.

    We offer our services at a competitive price because we want to fit into your budget.

    All of our East Coast transports have a flat rate of $750. 

    There are a few factors that might make your transport cost more. A transport weighing over 4,000 pounds, for example, or door-to-door delivery.

    We want to make your transport as easy and convenient as possible for you, so call us with any questions you may have.

    Make the Call, and We’ll Get Started

    Getting your from here to Florida and anywhere in between can be a pretty big feat. But that’s what we’re here for – to make a hard job so much easier for you.

    Whether we have to brave the snow or get to see the flowers bloom along the highways, we’re ready to get your car where you need it to be.

    Our numerous locations offer you the convenience of choosing the best pick up and drop off location for you.

    When you transport your car with Geyer’s, you get quality service and the added benefit of extra security for your vehicle.

    Whether it’s a car, a boat, a bus, or an aircraft, we’re up to the challenge, and we’ll get it there safely.

    Our team is trained and ready to face any situation to deliver your vehicle quickly and in excellent condition.

    And our prices are tailored to your budget because we don’t want to make a difficult move even more difficult.

    With all of these benefits, how could you not choose Geyer’s?

    Call us today so that we can start the process of getting you where you need to go.

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