Safe Jump Start Services While On the Road

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    Nobody wants to get stuck with a dead battery on the road. It can happen for various reasons, and whichever one has left you stranded is merely the second thing drivers have to worry about. The first is getting in touch with a reliable roadside assistance team who can provide a jump start service to get you out of harm’s way.

    Some towing teams can get the job done because they offer multiple services. Others can’t, so make sure you know the difference between roadside assistance and towing. 

    It makes a lot of sense to use a safe jump start car service, especially if you’re planning a long car trip. This guide will explain the advantages of hiring expert roadside assistance services in your hometown or wherever you may be traveling.

    Why You May Need a Jump Start Service

    A car battery can fail or die completely for several reasons. Many of them are preventable if drivers cultivate a few good habits. We’re all only human, and we don’t always remember to look for or avoid the following before or during long drives (and, often, short ones):

    Excessive Electrical Drains

    Leaving headlights, radios, or even small dome lights on for excessive periods or accidentally overnight quickly saps car batteries. The same goes for having electronic devices charging in the car for extended periods. Long drives at night or in dim weather require excessive headlight use, which can have the same draining effect.

    Extreme Temperatures

    Driving in excessively hot or cold conditions takes a toll on car batteries, and the more the temperature drops, the less power your battery can provide. Having a fully charged battery in chilly temperatures is one way to tackle this problem. Higher temperatures can accelerate corrosion and evaporation of water from the battery’s liquid electrolyte.

    Corroded Connections

    Safe Jump Start Services While On the Road 1

    Batteries rely on chemical reactions, and these chemicals can leak, causing corrosion. Some corrosion issues are a simple fix, while others require a mechanic’s attention. Check this guide to see where your battery falls.

    Loose Connections

    Loose connections are another burnout culprit that can seriously affect power flow to and from the battery. Flickering headlights, starting problems, and a hot ground wire cable are some classic loose connector signs.

    Noting these can increase your battery life, but monitoring extra variables can slip anybody’s mind. Having the number of a jump start service you can count on removes the pressure and addresses further issues that can complicate your journey and even risk your safety.

    5 Ways a Battery Jump Start Service Keeps You Safe

    Drivers use many less-than-ideal methods when it comes to jump-starting their vehicles. From DIY roadside repairs to calling the cops, these choices can do more harm than good. Here are five reasons why using a professional battery jumping service is the right road to take:

    1. They’re Better Than the Police

    Calling law enforcement for roadside assistance is a common contingency plan. Officers can have other duties, though, and might take a long time getting to you. This could endanger your physical safety while you wait, depending on where you broke down. Dedicated roadside assistance teams exist solely for auto issues and won’t waste time reaching you.

    2. Jump Start Support Keeps Drivers and Vehicles Safe

    jump start service in Maryland

    You may have your own portable jump start kit onboard, but DIY jumpstarts aren’t as simple as they may seem. Roadside pros know how to tackle hazardous issues like acidic vapors and leaks, flammable cable sparks, and environmental factors like rain that can turn jumpstart conditions into giant electrical conductors. Solo attempts have serious potential to harm you and your vehicle, so call in the professionals for a safer result.

    3. No Monthly and Annual Plan Fees

    Various parties offer roadside assistance plans. These require regular expense and have fine print that may even exclude certain auto services, leaving you out in the cold when you need them most. A roadside assistance team is a safe option 24/7, 365 days a year because they’re on call for you with no regular financial obligation, yet with all the on-demand service quality of a paid plan.

    4. A Battery Jumping Service Is Safer Than State Assistance

    Pop quiz: Does your home state offer roadside assistance? How about the other states you may be passing through? The reality is that not every state has this perk, and presuming they do can be an expensive and dangerous mistake. 

    That doesn’t even factor in the added stress of finding the right number when under pressure and in unfamiliar surroundings. A battery jumping service can be there whether you’re out of juice in your hometown or farther afield.

    5. Jump Start Teams Provide Extra Safety Advice

    Being on the phone with a professional jump start team can be a big comfort. Waiting for roadside assistance can be as dangerous as driving with a drained battery. Make sure you’re familiar with how to stay safe when waiting for a tow truck or a battery jumping service to reach you, and know how to behave if your failing battery has led to an accident.

    Don’t let a dead or dying battery lead to even more dangerous situations. Keep the number of a reputable jump start service in your phone and you’ll enjoy a safer, more confident drive wherever you go.

    Call the Roadside Experts With Any Questions

    Needing a jump start is one of the most common road issues, but you don’t have to fall victim to the classic mistakes. Geyers Towing & Transport has 28 years of experience in getting drivers out of tough spots, from jump starts and tows to heavy-duty turnovers. Our drivers will respond when your battery doesn’t.

    Our towing and transport vehicles provide rapid, accurate service in Montgomery County, Frederick County, the surrounding Washington Metropolitan Area, and Northern Virginia. Our staff operates 24/7 to provide stress-free solutions to your needs so you can stay safe no matter what. Contact Geyers Towing and Transport or call 301-540-1600 to speak with an expert.

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