Roadside Assistance in Mt. Airy, MD

No one can schedule their need for roadside assistance in Mt. Airy, and problems always seem to crop up when you least expect them. At times like these, it’s essential that you have a company you can count on for roadside assistance. Geyers Towing & Transport is here to help.


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Available Roadside Assistance Services

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on the side of the road or stuck in your driveway with a car you can’t drive. You need a local partner to provide roadside services now. At Geyers Towing, we’re always ready to dispatch someone to help you throughout the greater Mt. Airy region. Here are a few of the roadside services we offer:

Roadside Assistance in Mt. Airy

Jump a Battery

If you discover your car won’t start because you accidentally left the lights on or didn’t shut the door all the way, you need jumper cables and another car to get you back on the road. You might not own jumper cables or know how to jumpstart your battery, though. As part of our roadside assistance, Geyers Towing will jumpstart your car and get you back on your way.

Bringing You Fuel

You thought you could make it to the next gas station, but now you’ve find yourself stuck on the side of the road with an empty tank. You don’t want to risk your safety by walking to the closest gas station, and probably don’t carry an empty gas can in your car. When you call Geyers Towing, our technician arrives quickly with enough fuel to get you moving again — and they’ll even wait to ensure you get back on the road.

Changing Flat Tires

It doesn’t really matter why the tire went flat — whether you woke up in the morning to find it that way or need to stop on the side of the road after a blowout on your way to work — you just need help now. Maybe you don’t have the right tools or skillset to change it yourself, doing so would be unsafe, or you’re dressed too nicely to switch the flat for the spare. Geyers Towing has the correct tools and expertise to quickly and efficiently change your tire while you wait.

Light & Heavy Duty Roadside Towing

Accidents happen in an instant, and an accident or breakdown that requires a trip to the auto repair shop requires towing. You want to find a towing company that’s reliable and doesn’t cause additional damage to your car while loading it on the truck.

Geyers Towing takes pride in arriving quickly, safely securing your vehicle on the truck, and delivering it to a shop you designate.

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WHAT ARE THE Basic CAR & TRUCK Diagnostics of Mechanical Issues

Your car makes a strange noise or suddenly stops running, and you find yourself wondering what’s wrong. Our technicians come to your location and provide you with basic diagnostics.

They understand and recognize the signs of the most common problems, from small things like loose parts to bigger ones that may require a tow to a repair shop.

Either way, our mechanics are ready to help you diagnose the issue.

When You Need Help

If you find yourself in a car you can’t move due to an accident or mechanical issue, your safety and that of your passengers should always be your primary concern. Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe while waiting for help to arrive:

  • Text friends and family to let them know where you are and what has happened.
  • Move your car off the road to a safe shoulder or parking lot.
  • Check for traffic before leaving your vehicle to check for damage or locate problems. 
  • Call Geyers Towing for roadside assistance or towing.

At Geyers Towing, we want to be the partner you turn to when you have an accident or need roadside assistance in the Mt. Airy area.

Here are a few of the benefit of choosing our services:

  • “WRECKMASTER” certified technicians
  • Background checks on all employees and a drug-free business
  • Licensed and insured
  • Trained professionals
  • Professional employees who arrive in our uniform
  • All team members are courteous 

No matter what’s sidelined your vehicle, our experts are standing by to get you back on the road and provide you with the help you need. Contact Geyers Towing & Transport to speak with a towing services expert about our Mt. Airy roadside assistance services today. 

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