Luxury Car Transport: Safely and Securely Shipping Your Luxury Automobile

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How To Safely Ship Your High-End Car


Florida’s population fluctuates up to 20% throughout the year thanks to snowbirds. At peak season in winter, there are 818,000 people traveling to Florida for warmer weather.

Many of these people choose to bring their car with them. Just imagine, cruising with the top down, sun on your face. You’ll be having a better time than your friends back home dealing with a few feet of snow.

Luxury car transport is how you make this dream scenario happen for you. Keep reading for how you can bring your vehicle with you and ensure it arrives safe and sound.

Your Vehicle’s Safety

Your luxury car is your baby, and you want to find a carrier that will treat your vehicle with the same care you do. Talk to potential transporters and get a feel for their business style.

Moving a vehicle is a risk, so the transport service you choose should take every precaution to ensure your car arrives at the destination damage free.

Check Their Rating

Before you sign a contract with a transporter, look up their safety rating. The USDOT website offers a SAFER System.

Ask the transporter for their DOT or MC/MX number. Then you can use this number to look up the carrier’s vitals. This includes their safety record, safety rating, and crash history.

If a transporter refuses to provide you with this information, this is a red flag. Don’t work with a company that isn’t willing to be transparent with you. This is a sign that you, their customer, are not their first priority.

Open or Enclosed Trailers

There are two types of trailers that cars get transported on. You have the option of either an open or enclosed trailer. Since you are looking to ship your luxury vehicle, we highly recommend you choose an enclosed option.

We’ve all seen open car haulers on the highway. They are typically two levels of cars loaded on and tied down.

The vehicles are not protected from the weather, road debris, or unsavory characters. This puts your luxury vehicle at risk of damage or even theft.

A luxury vehicle needs to be in an enclosed trailer that is locked. No one will know your vehicle is in the truck. Your car is now safe from damage.


A reputable transport service will have insurance in place to protect themselves and you. Ask the carrier you want to use if they have insurance and how much.

While your carrier will take every precaution, sometimes things beyond their control happen. This is why insurance is so important.


We all want a good deal, but remember, you get what you pay for. So choosing the cheapest carrier option may end up being a colossal mistake.

One way to get competitive pricing while still ensuring your vehicle is taken care of is to choose a transport service that specializes in moving vehicles.

Some carriers will move anything and everything. While they are capable shippers, they may not be the best choice.

A carrier that focuses on shipping vehicles will have specialized expertise and equipment. This means your car is in good hands. This type of transport service knows how to get your vehicle to you in perfect shape.

Save on Expenses

When you consider the quotes you get to ship your vehicle, you need to keep in mind the money you will save. If you don’t pay to have your luxury car shipped, how else will you get your car to Florida?

Drive Your Vehicle

You could drive it. But now you have to spend hours in the car driving. You’ll also need a hotel room or two.

Then there are the restaurant stops for food. They will add time and expense.

Plus let’s not forget the most significant expense, the gas. This and the wear and tear on your car are a big expense.

Trailer Your Car

You could trailer the car down yourself. But you will still have to drive, just know you have a trailer on the back. This means increased wear and tear on the car you do drive.

Your gas expenses will increase because it takes more power to move your car and the trailer attached. This cost goes up relative to the size and weight of the trailer you decide to use.

Plus you’ll have all of the same hotel and restaurant expenses. These might even go up as your drive will take longer since you’ll have to drive slower with the trailer.

Peace of Mind

You have enough things to think about when preparing to move to another state for a few months. You have to close up your current home, pack, arrange for your travel. Then you do it all over again at the end of the winter season when it is time to go back.

When it comes to shipping your car, the right transport service can take this one task off your plate. One phone call and the shipping of your vehicle is handled.

Now you have peace of mind and can focus on everything else you need to get done.

Customer Service

When you use a quality transport service, they will put your needs first. This means having a customer service department that is here for you.

You should be able to call them 24/7 with any questions for concerns.

Don’t leave your luxury car in the snowy northeast. Bring it with you to enjoy the beautiful 60 and 70-degree sunny weather in Florida.

Admit it; the Florida weather is perfect for enjoying cruises. So why not use a luxury car transport service to bring your car with you?

Contact us today for a quote to ship your luxury vehicle.

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