How To Stay Safe On The Road

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    7 Tips To Avoid an Accident: Safety on the Road

    Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and usually come as a complete surprise. But it is possible to avoid an accident on the road, and you can take active steps to do so. 

    Let’s go over seven great tips for staying safe on the road.

    Buckle up and read on!

    #1 Take Your Time

    avoid an accident

    If you head out of the house, make sure you give yourself enough time to get where you are going.

    Wake up early enough to have your morning coffee, and breakfast before hitting the road.

    When time is on your side, you won’t feel stressed or hurried, and you can cruise the road with a focused mind.

    #2 Always Keep One Hand on the Wheel

    Sometimes you are in the car, and you want to do everything. Eat a breakfast sandwich with one hand, drink coffee with the other, and change the station with your foot. Okay, okay, you get it it is impossible to do all those things. The point is to remember to stay safe behind the wheel, eliminate distractions, and pledge to keep one hand on the wheel!

     #3 Scan Ahead

    How To Stay Safe On The Road 1

    Where will your car be 20 seconds from now? Up by the corner of Tuckerman Ln and Rockville Pike? There is a red light and Maryland drivers are moving with friction before they hit Washington, DC traffic on 495.

    Stay aware and position yourself far enough away from other vehicles so that you can avoid an accident from a sudden stop or swerve. 

    #4 Pull into traffic slowly 

    It is essential to exercise caution when pulling into a busy intersection. Take the time to stop, wait, and look before taking action. Be aware of any blind spots; check your rear-view mirrors and look around outside to see if any road signs may be blocking your sight. 

     #5 Be considerate

    How To Stay Safe On The Road 2

    Be mindful of other drivers on the road. The road is for everyone, so share the road with care, don’t cut people off or surprise another car in any way that could possibly cause an accident.

    If you have other passengers in the car, you’ll want to keep them safe as well!

    #7 Keep a Safe Distance  

    The rule of thumb on the highway is to keep a 3-second distance between your car, and the vehicle ahead of you.  If you are driving behind a semi-truck, try to keep about a 20 car length distance between you and the semi-truck (which has multiple blink spots). 


    #8 Perform Regular Maintenance

    It’s always a good idea to go to your local auto repair shop anytime a warning light of any sort appears, as soon as it appears. Check your disc brakes, always ensure your tires and brake pads aren’t worn down and more. You can avoid sudden stalls by getting your oil changed regularly, keeping all fluids topped off, and checking your tire pressure

    Some questions you should ask yourself, especially before heading out on a road trip are as follows:

    • When was the last time you had a radiator flush?
    • Does your horn work?
    • Do your headlights and high-beams work?
    • Do you have roadside assistance through your insurance?
    • Do you have jumper cables?
    • Do you have a flat-tire emergency repair kit?
    • Do you have a first aid kit?
    • Do you have a spare tire?
    • Do you have a tire iron and car jack?

    Schedule a time to take your vehicle to a local auto repair shop and ask them to check the following:

    • Oil level
    • Check ALL of the fluids
    • Check air pressure of your tires (Ensure the tread is 1/16th” or 1.6mm and if the gauge shows less than 2/32) *note – DO NOT attempt a long road trip if your tires do not pass the tread depth, you will need new tires.
    • Check the brake pads to ensure there is 1/4” or more left
    • Check/replace the car’s air filter
    • Make sure all car lights and signals are working
    • Check the battery in your car
    • Check the spark plugs
    • Check all fuses

    Need a Tow?

    We hope you follow these safety tips and remain vigilant on the road ahead. However, in you find yourself in a pickle give Geyers Towing a call we’ll be there to get you going again. 

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