6 In-Demand Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Services

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    Key Takeaways:

    • Roadside services are the least serious help drivers may need
    • Scenarios include fuel delivery, tire replacement, key retrieval, and battery jumpstarts
    • Commercial truck roadside assistance services are quick and cost-effective

    It’s correct to say that nobody ever wants vehicle issues of any kind. It’s also accurate that if a driver had to choose what went wrong with their truck, they’d choose a roadside service situation! Roadside services are the easiest and quickest for professionals to carry out.

    This means customers pay less and get back on the road faster – two things every driver wants but that are especially important when that driver is on the job. Here’s our guide to the most in-demand services for commercial trucks and who to call to get them – and discover the reasons behind the most common calls for roadside help and how you may be able to avoid them.

    What Doesn’t Qualify as a Roadside Service Situation

    Remember the two criteria for roadside assistance: quick and easy – well…relatively easy! Anything that doesn’t meet those descriptions is probably a bigger job with a different description. For example, roadside assistance for trucks is much less stressful than having to get through a road accident.

    This could be a lengthy process involving not just a towing service but also law enforcement and other first responders. It also requires drivers and passengers to follow several best practices to stay safe and make the best of a tough situation.

    Your car may even have been totaled, which has its own set of resolutions. These include what to do in the immediate aftermath and understanding how factors like the total loss threshold and insurer involvement come into play. A totaled car will need a towing service to either take it to a mechanic for appraisal or to a junkyard for scrap.

    Drivers don’t always have control over needing a tow or being involved in an accident. They do have a lot of power when it comes to whether they’ll need roadside assistance.

    Reducing the Need for Roadside Services

    All drivers should be proactive with their vehicle’s maintenance. Taking the following steps could ensure you’ll rarely need to call for roadside help:

    – Keep a Clean Vehicle

    A clean windshield and maintained wipers give drivers a clearer view, which can help them see – and, therefore, avoid – road debris that could damage tires. It also keeps the exterior clear of dirt and other matter that can cause the deterioration of parts.

    – Stock Up on Tools and Equipment

    Invest in a set of jumper cables. Keep a suitable gas can in the trunk. Buy the spare tire that never seemed necessary. Splash out on a quality car jack. You’re now ready to MacGyver almost any roadside assistance issue (but you can still call a professional team to be extra safe).

    – Learn to Speak Dashboard

    Your vehicle might already be alerting you to potential problems down the road that could result in a roadside service call. Understanding these 13 dashboard light signals can prevent further issues, from brakes and low fluid levels to airbags and tire pressure.

    – Be a Better Battery Owner

    Looking for signs of battery deterioration should be done regularly and carefully. Things can get toxic and corrosive if you don’t have the proper tools and expertise. Anyone can do a visual check for telltale signs, however, like rust or flickering of lights and onboard electronics.

    Being conscientious won’t keep every breakdown at bay. Road debris or bad weather often dictate the outcome. That’s when the following services can save the day.

    6 In-Demand Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance Services

    Commercial trucks aren’t the only vehicles that might need a helping hand. Cars, bikes, and RVs are just as vulnerable to the usual roadside dilemmas that can leave drivers and passengers at risk. Most roadside assistance teams can help with the following:

    1. Flat Tire Inflation or Replacement

    This most common call for help has probably happened to you. Did you know there are approximately seven flat tires every second in the U.S. and over 200 million flats a year? The road is full of tread-popping problems making this the most in-demand roadside service for commercial trucks and other vehicles.

    A roadside team will have all the right tools to refill or replace your tire. They’ll also do it 100 percent safely. It’s not always safe for the inexperienced, who may struggle or hurt themselves, especially if the weather is bad. They could also stray into harm’s way from oncoming traffic.

    2. Jumpstarting

    Even drivers experienced in jumpstarting their vehicle battery are well-served by calling the professionals. This is due to the hazards involved in the process, which include toxic leaks, acidic vapors, and combustible cables.

    Guess what happens if it’s raining while you’re jumpstarting a battery? You’re dealing with one big electrical conductor. Roadside professionals have the equipment and expertise to safely and quickly jumpstart auto batteries under any conditions.

    3. Fuel Delivery

    A good roadside team will bring a driver some fuel wherever they are. A great team will even do the refueling, so the customer doesn’t have to do any dirty work! The only thing the customer should always be sure to do is to let the roadside crew know ahead of time if they need to bring gasoline or diesel.

    What if you’re driving an electric truck or other type of electric vehicle? This makes it more difficult to find the help you need to get back on the road. Only a minority of roadside service companies will be able to provide EV charging, so you may want to consider American Automobile Association (AAA) membership. They added the SparkCharge Roadie to their fleet in 2021.

    4. Key Retrieval

    Locking your keys in the truck is no problem for professionals. This service is typically covered under auto insurance policies. A common tool is an inflatable wedge placed tightly inside the window opening. The wedge is then inflated to lower the window enough for manual lock operation.

    Other solutions include using a Slim Jim, some patient wiggling with a bobby pin, or cutting a new key. Some roadside companies can do the latter if you provide a personal ID and the key’s code (every key has one from the auto manufacturer).

    5. Winching or Extrication from a Sticky Situation

    Getting stuck in snow or mud is something drivers are occasionally able to solve for themselves. Our earlier blogs on escaping mud and slipping free of snow covered the various methods, including rocking out, increasing traction, and adjusting tire pressure. None of these are guaranteed, whereas a good, solid tow truck always is!

    6. A Tow When All Else Fails

    Some auto issues can’t be remedied with a quick roadside repair. This is when the company will tow the vehicle to a mechanic or other location where the problem can be more successfully addressed. Here’s our guide to estimating how much a tow might cost based on 11 key factors.

    Roadside services being quick and simple aren’t their only virtues. They could be completely free of charge if you live in North Carolina or Georgia, where there are literally HEROs driving around. You might also be covered for roadside assistance through your credit card company or bank. These benefits usually have price limits, so always check with your provider to see how much you’re covered for.

    The Most Common Pitfalls of Skipping Roadside Services for Commercial Vehicles

    The whole point of commercial truck roadside assistance is keeping people and vehicles safe. Some drivers may feel it’s not worth the money or the wait to call for help. Here are three very good arguments against that:

    • You may be injured or killed when carrying out solo repairs. This, unfortunately, happens even to the most experienced roadside assistance technicians.
    • Attempting a DIY fix could result in further damage to struggling vehicle parts. This could strand you even longer or lead to more costly repairs – so you end up not saving any money at all.
    • You may give up and decide to accept the first offer of roadside help – which could end up being one of many unscrupulous companies that cruise the highways waiting to take financial advantage of inconvenienced drivers.

    One call to a reputable roadside service company removes all those risks and concerns. Geyers Towing and Recovery have 30 years of experience in being there when motorists need us most.

    Contact Geyers Towing and Recovery for Excellence On-Demand

    We’re here for you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to help with the simplest roadside repair to the biggest auto issues. Our trained and insured team will do everything we can to get you back on the road or take you to a secondary location for further help.

    Our decades in business have made us the region’s premier road rescue team. Our service is so trusted that even the police have us on speed dial. You can contact us any time by calling (301) 259-3177 or visiting our contact page for a fast and free quote!

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