Why Won’t My Car Start?

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    What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start


    It happens to the best of us.

    You find yourself stuck on your driveway, attempting to look under your hood, unsure what is going on — because your car just isn’t starting.

    Here at Geyer’s Towing, we’ve have seen this exact situation plenty of times. Many of the people we have helped in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC have dealt with one of these common car problems that kept their car from starting:

    Dead Battery


    This is probably the most common reason why a car won’t start. Your battery can die for a variety of reasons, like leaving your lights on for too long.

    If your battery is dead that means you that it has lost its charge. Your battery and your engine have a give-and-take relationship — your battery turns on the engine and the engine keeps your battery charged. If your battery is dead then there isn’t enough electrical power to start your vehicle.

    You are going to need an emergency jump start to solve this problem.

    Fuel Pump Problems


    Your fuel pump is the mechanism that gets fuel from your gas tank to your engine, which allows the spark plugs to ignite that fuel and, through a process called combustion, get your car to run.

    If the gas isn’t getting from the tank to the engine to reach these spark plugs, you may need to refuel ASAP or you need to get your fuel pump checked out.

    Clogged Fuel Filter

    One specific common problem that causes problems in the fuel pump is when it gets clogged.

    If you are having fuel pump problems then it could possibly that your filter is blocked. You are supposed to replace your fuel filter every 10,000 – 15,000 miles, so maybe it’s time for you to replace that filter!

    Broken Starter


    Your starter motor is responsible for getting the vehicle’s engine on and forcing the pistons up and down, starting off the whole engine combustion process.

    The way to know if it’s your starter rather than your ignition? You’ll probably hear a clicking noise when you turn your key if it’s your starter. Most local truck dealerships carry these parts just in case.

    Have a Chevrolet? Engine parts such as camshafts can be replaced by most auto technicians. It’s always important to ensure you get the right one though, see this example: https://mygaragetool.com/best-camshaft-for-350-chevy-reviews/.

    Empty Tank


    No need to be embarrassed – this can happen to the best of us. If your car didn’t alert you that you were low on gas then it is likely that your gas gauge is broken, a problem that definitely requires a mechanic’s attention.

    However, if you just forgot to fill up, all you need is more gas. If are too far from a gas station to walk you will need to call a friend to bring you some gas in a canister — or you will need to call a reliable towing company to give you a lift to a gas station.

    Need a Tow?

    If you are stuck in Maryland and need a tow truck to help you out, give us a call. Geyers have been the company to call for roadside assistance in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia for 10 years now.

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