5 Safety Tips for the Road Trip

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    How To Stay Safe On A Road Trip

    So you are ready to hit the open road and trail off into the unknown with your trusted trailblazer. 

    That is super exciting, and you have probably been planning for months where you want to go, and who you’ll take with you along the road.

    Ibn Battuta said it entirely when he wrote the words, “traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

    We want your story to express all the joys of traveling, but not the hardships, so before you go make sure you check out this 5 safety tips before the road trip. 

    1. Plan Ahead For Vehicle Maintenance

    It’s essential to plan ahead for any car repairs and prepares that may need to happen before hitting the open road, so we made a checklist for you of all the necessary adjustments!

    Check Your Car Twice

    • Headlights and Brake Lights
    • Oil change
    • Coolant fluid
    • The spare tire
    • Breaks
    • Wiper Blade fluid
    • Signals
    • Belts, caps, hoses
    • Air filters 

    Be sure that everything is running smoothly, and have your car checked up by a professional mechanic before taking off. The last thing you want is to have to tow your vehicle across the country mid-adventure.

    2. Prepare Yourself For Long Drives

    Brace yourself for long hours on the road by taking care of your needs as the driver. Make sure you pack plenty of water, snacks, caffeine, and of course the best playlist ever. But also keep in mind that you might need a couple of other essentials.

    Road Trip Essentials

    • Jumper Cables
    • Chains for traction depending on the weather
    • Waterproof matches
    • A first aid kit
    • A tool kit with cutting devices
    • Map of roads
    • Blanket and pillow

    Now that you are loaded with water snacks entertainment and safety, it’s time to schedule some sleep so you can keep up with the map. 

    3. Schedule Time To Sleep

    It is so important to schedule in some sleep, most people find that 12 hours is the maximum limit to be driving head-on. And you may find that you need to stop after 6-8 hours on the road. It’s a good idea to plan ahead.

    • Book an AirBnB 
    • Book a Hotel 
    • Stay with a friend/family member
    • Strategically plan out stopping points

    You don’t want to doze off while at the wheel, don’t push your limits, take it easy, and enjoy the ride!

    4. Know Your Gas Mileage

    It is important to know ahead of time how much you will be spending on gas while on your road trip. Here are a few tips for keeping track of your gas mileage. 

    • Calculate your gas cost ahead of time
    • Purchase gas at night when the weather is cool and most dense
    • Open windows at high speeds can decrease your gas mileage by 10%
    • Traveling at a steady pace can save you up to 21% on gas 
    • Accelerating slowly can save you up to 30% on gas mileage

    5. Stay Alert

    The final tip is to stay alert! Make sure you are taking breaks for stretching and sleeping. And always be on the lookout for any and all hazards on the road. You never know what could be flying around.

    We have you have a wonderful and memorable road trip, and if you find yourself in need of a tow as you go, give Geyers Towing a call, we’ll be there for you if you need a haul.

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