Prepare Your Car for Transport: 10 Car Shipping Tips

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    Prepare Your Car for Transport: 10 Car Shipping Tips 1

    Are you wondering how to ship a car in one piece?

    If you’ve never had it done before, shipping your car across the country might seem like a nearly impossible feat. 

    However, not only is it possible, but it’s also much more convenient than undertaking a grueling road trip. 

    Relief has arrived!

    Sit back on your airplane ride and get your car where it needs to go!

    How may you ask?

    Shipping a vehicle is much easier than you might think. Plus, there are many things you can do to prepare your car for its journey.

    Learn About 10 Car Shipping Tips You Should Know

    1. Don’t Overpack Your Car

    We get it; you want to pack everything (and maybe even your mother) into your vehicle while you cruise through the sky with a carry-on. 

    It’s tempting to overpack your car with belongings, especially if you are a snowbird who lives in two different places throughout the year.

    But overpacking your vehicle means an extra weight that the tow truck will have to factor in, which can become hazardous to other cars on the load. 

    2. Don’t Pack Your Vehicle with Heavy Furniture

    One of the rules of thumb when packing your vehicle for transfer across the country is not to pack any large items. 

    Like a hockey table, for example. 

    While this may seem obvious, it’s not to everyone. So, be mindful. 

    Do not pack any furniture in your car. Furniture causes too much extra weight. It might also be dangerous to pack furniture as it could move around in your vehicle and cause damage to your car. 

    Prepare Your Car for Transport: 10 Car Shipping Tips 2

    3. Keep The Driver And Passenger Seats Clear

    Do not pack anything in the driver’s seat or the passenger seat when packing up your vehicle. 

    This can cause difficulties to the towing professionals when they are moving your car on and off the platforms.

    Keep in mind that the standard limit for anything in your car is 400 pounds. Items bouncing and shifting inside your car can be a safety hazard and even damage your interior. 

    The process is so smooth when our professionals can access your vehicle without any problems. This means you get to drive around Sunny Florida as soon as your land in Miami babe!

    4. Double-Check For Personal Belongings

    It could be quite a disaster if you left your phone or wallet in the car after it’s begun its journey across the country. Additionally, your child would be quite devastated if their favorite stuffed animal was forgotten under the passenger seat.

    Just to be safe, you should check every nook and cranny of the car for any personal belongings and remove them. The last thing you need is to leave your keys locked away in the car, leaving you with having to find locksmiths as soon as it arrives to your destination.

    5. Keep Your Windows Clear

    Be sure to keep all of the windows in your car clear! If you overpack your car, it may cause blink spots for the tow truck driver, and nobody likes blind spots. 

    Make sure that you pack all of your luggage in the foot area of the back seats or trunk area. 

    The key here is to keep those windows clear! Safety first, my friends, and Sunny Beaches next- woohoo. 

    save emissions and reduce your gas honey

    6. Reduce The Amount Of Gas In Your Tank

    It would help if you didn’t have your car shipped while the tank is full. Not only does this add more weight to your shipment, possibly costing you more money, but it’s also a safety hazard.

    If your full tank of gas were to catch fire, it would burn up your car and the surrounding cars that are being shipped with yours.

    You don’t have to drain your tank completely. After all, it will still need to be driven from the unloading spot to your new home. Instead, just be sure you have a quarter of a tank left or even a little less than that. That way, you won’t need to worry about any fiery mishaps.

    7. Clean Your Car

    You’re headed to a new location! This means that you are closing one chapter of your life and jumpstarting the next. 

    It might be best if you clear your car out before shipping it down south. 

    Plus, if you happen to leave any food in your car, it won’t be a pleasant surprise unless it is a McDonald’s burger like this one from 1999 that smells like faint cardboard rather than rotting meat.


    8. Read Reviews

    You don’t want to go with just any transport company. Instead, you should do some research by reading the reviews of various transport companies near you and pick the one you know you can trust the most.

    Check out our Google reviews, snowbirds all along the East Coast have been coming to Geyers for over a decade. We are a great resource. Additionally, you could ask your family or friends for recommendations.

    Prepare Your Car for Transport: 10 Car Shipping Tips 3

    9. Get Insured

    We know that every good driver has to have car insurance.

    But does your car insurance transfer over when you transport your car?

    For safety and security, we cover your vehicle with state-of-the-art protection.

    Don’t worry because when you ship with Geyer’s Towing and Transport, your vehicle is fully insured and protected. 

    Plus, our drivers actually get rest before shipping your vehicle. 😉

    10. Plan Ahead Of Time

    Unfortunately, the technology doesn’t exist to teleport a car to your location, which means that it can take around a week to get to you.

    You should factor this time into your planning. Feel free to call our towing professionals at Geyers to ask questions about the best timing that works for you. 

    Your main priority should be that your car is ready to be shipped safely and soundly to your home, rather than rushing things and potentially forgetting something important.

    Ready To Put These Car Shipping Tips To Use?

    When you follow these 10 car transport tips, your vehicle is sure to have a smooth ride. 

    Geyers Towing & Transport will do everything it takes to transport your car in a timely fashion carefully.

    You are in good hands!  Contact us to learn more about our highly-rated services.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Car Shipping Tips

    Avoid overpacking your car with personal belongings, especially heavy items like furniture. Overpacking can lead to extra weight that affects the transport and can be hazardous. It's also advised not to pack anything in the driver’s and passenger’s seats to allow towing professionals easy access.

    It's crucial to check every nook and cranny of your car for personal belongings to avoid leaving behind important items like phones, wallets, or sentimental items like a child’s favorite stuffed animal. This ensures that you don't lock your keys in the car or lose valuable items during transport.

    You should ship your car with no more than a quarter tank of gas. A full tank adds unnecessary weight and poses a safety hazard, as a full tank of gas can catch fire and cause significant damage. Shipping with less fuel is safer and may help reduce shipping costs.

    Research is key to choosing a reliable transport company. Read reviews of various transport companies, check their insurance coverage, and consider recommendations from family or friends. Look for companies with positive feedback and a track record of safe and timely deliveries.

    Plan your car shipping well in advance, considering it can take around a week for the car to reach its destination. Early planning allows you to discuss timing and logistics with the transport company to ensure your car arrives when you need it, avoiding rushed decisions or potential delays.

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